Occupational reinsertion for people of over 45 years of age, whom we have called the “I” Generation (I for Invisible). In Argent

Occupational reinsertion for people of over 45 years of age, whom we have called the “I” Generation (I for Invisible). In Argent

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We want to create a new Paradigm that comes to revaluate the “Mature Talents” so that they are no longer expelled from the system. We work for the unemployed persons older than 45 may succeed in their reinsertion and for the companies to stop this expulsion process. 54% of the participants in Diagonal’s programs manage to be reincorporated into the labor world in less than 6 months their average age being 57. We want to succeed in the fact that all the persons, no matter their age, may have a good life quality, and that the passing of time may be acknowledged as a value instead of an obstacle.

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Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

In our country there are more than 600 thousand unemployed persons of over 45 years of age who have a high school degree and / or a college degree, who are well acquainted with the work culture and have a great identification with their jobs. This population grew up mainly with the idea that your job would last throughout your whole life and they have had high positions during 20 / 25 years, working almost always in urban areas. They are persons who are not accustomed to receiving assistance from the Government because they do not have the assistentialism culture incorporated into their lives but that of self- management. Not only do they face the loss of their income but also the deterioration of their family, social and emotional links (many of them get divorced). They also are in a fragility situation in terms of social protection and since they have lost their jobs, the have also lost their medical health cover and the possibility to pay for their future pension contributions. The paradox lies in the fact that it is a population which is considered old for the occupational market although too young to become pensioners.

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The most innovative factor in this program is that it has given identity (“Invisible Generation”) and visibility to a sector of the population who has always been discriminated and with no public policies to support them. For this reason we have called them the “I” Generation. They have always been there but were never taken into account. Most of them have got a university degree and have large professional expertise and, upon reaching the middle stage of their lives, they are expelled from the labor market because they are considered old, thus wasting the talent and wisdom that they have to keep on delivering. We are the only organization with this integral approach, which generates a great deal of demand both at national and regional levels. Our contribution is fundamental to replicate this model in all the countries where it may be necessary in order to be able to generate in this way public and private policies which contemplate this population and provides support to it. Through group workshops we work with the unemployed those technical and emotional questions (fear, frustration, uncertainty, low self-esteem, depression) that come up when the time comes to look for a job and that, if they are not considered, they block the possibility of an immediate labor reinclusion (that in some cases may even end up in suicide).
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We are managing to reach this paradigm change by doing the following: 1) Manage to make the unemployed persons over 45 consider unemployment as an opportunity of personal and professional growth. Through the different technical and psychological training workshops we facilitate persons to connect themselves with their own personal potentials to keep on delivering to society and working on their labor reconversion. 2) Create awareness in society and enterprises on the value of the older people. (I Generation). In a society that worships eternal youth, we work for companies to acknowledge the benefits offered by adults through seminars, congresses, the media, etc. 3) Act as a bridge between the companies that look for people older than 45 and unemployed persons. We also have an strategic alliance with Manpower, the international consulting firm, who provides us with labor offers for people older than 45. 4) Together with the CIPPEC (Center of Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth) we are developing a program to submit a public policy supporting this population segment.
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I worked in the private sector up until I reached the age of 26, and then, for personal reasons, I dedicated my life and my professional experience to social tasks. Besides working for over 10 years at Diagonal, I also am a volunteer accompanying persons with terminal illnesses. This made me aware of the important meaning of work in the life of human beings. Not only from the economy point of view but also in connection with social, emotional and psychological aspects. I have been doing this volunteer job accompanying persons with terminal illnesses for 7 years now and throughout all this time I have been witness to the difference existing between a person who gets to the end of his life after having worked (and feeling useful) and that of the person who reaches this stage without having worked for quite a long time. I have learnt that work not only brings dignity to our lifestyle but also at the moment of death. It is for this reason and many others, that I believe it is fundamental to create a more inclusive, fairer society, with dignity for everyone, where the passing of time may be considered a value enabling us to reach the end of our lives in a more dignified and humane manner.

Social Impact
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El Programa que brinda Diagonal (Programa de Reinserción Laboral) lleva realizados 3 años consecutivos de medición de resultados.
Tenemos una tasa de reinserción laboral superior al 54% (2009: 61%, 2010: 50%, 2011: 58%). Más de la mitad de las personas logra la reinserción en menos de 6 meses. Esta medición contempla a casi mil personas que realizaron el Programa. La encuesta se llevó a cabo a través de minuciosas entrevistas telefónicas realizadas a los ex participantes del Programa.
Más allá del éxito cuantitativo, también se está generando en nuestra sociedad una toma de conciencia respecto de las ventajas y beneficios que tienen las personas mayores de 45 años, volviendo a revalorizar valores como la sabiduría, experiencia, responsabilidad, perseverancia, humildad que tienen las personas adultas.
The Diagonal Program (Labor Reinsertion Program) has been measuring results for over three consecutive years..
We have a reincorporation rate of more than 54% (2009: 61%, 2010: 50%, 2011: 58%). More than half of the persons manage to be reincorporated in less than 6 months. This measuring contemplates almost one thousand persons who made the Program. The survey took place through detailed telephone interviews which were made to former Program Participants.
Apart from the quantitative success, our society is generating awareness in respect of the advantages and benefits of those persons who are older than 45 by re-valuing certain assets of the adult people, such as wisdom, experience, responsibility, perseverance, humbleness.
We are also positioning ourselves as referents at regional level through the site www.todaviaservimos.com, where we share all our experience with people from other countries.
Each time there are more companies, mainly small and medium-sized firms that take into account persons older than 45 when they have to hire personnel.

How many people have been impacted by your project?

1,001- 10,000

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?


How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Taking into account that, on one hand there are more and more unemployed persons and on the other that lifetime has been extended, we expect to have more service demand. We also expect that more and more companies stop discrimininating people on account of their age. At the same time, we are intending to start replicating and extrapolating our know-how in all the Argentine provinces (today we only are in the City of Buenos Aires), which will allow that more people may be benefited from our experience.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The main barrier consists in the fact that, when working on an issue which is “invisible” to the eyes of most persons, it is difficult to obtain companies and /or national and international entities willing to contemplate this topic within their financing lines. Most of them devote funds to such issues as childhood, education, malnutrition, occupational inclusion, environment, handicapped persons, etc., leaving aside the “I” Generation. We are confident that whilst we generate a more significant level of awareness, businesses will start to invest funds to hire the service provided by Diagonal.
For this reason it is fundamental for us to have more funding since, in this first stage, this is essential to be able to continue the construction of this new Paradigm and to position the subject of unemployment for people older than 45 in the agenda of the media and the enterprises. We are convinced that once the Invisible Generation becomes “Visible” enterprises will start to reinvest resources in Diagonal and that they will help us disseminate and replicate this service throughout the region, generating at the same time more situations of adult persons reinsertion.
Another barrier is the cultural and political one, since we live in a society which discrimininates adults and that is the reason why there are no laws supporting this segment of the population and providing benefits to the older persons. For this reason we want to create a new Paradigm to modify this cultural, political and social barrier.

Tell us about your partnerships

Private Sector – Alliance with con Manpower, the most important Human Resources Consulting Firm in Argentina.
We are working together through the “Inclusion Bridges” Program. Those persons who complete our Labor reinsertion program make a group meeting and an individual meeting with the Consulting Firm to enlarge their search options. At the same time, the Consulting Firm proposes to its clients to modify the age limits in their work searches, thus providing more opportunities to those that are older than 45, thus generating awareness in the private sector.
Social Sector – Alliance with the CIPPEC (Center of Implementation of Public Policies for Equity and Growth) one of the most influential organizations in the formulation of public policies in Argentina.
An investigation is in progress referring to the characteristics of this issue in order to jointly propose public policies contemplating this segment of the population.
Public Sector – Alliance with the new Zonal Social Services of the Ministry of Social Development of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
The Zonal Social Services (ZSC) act as Derivation Centers to Diagonal of persons of more that 45 years of age who are looking for a job. In this way, the ZSC become a link between Diagonal and the unemployed, and at the same time they have a proposal to make to those people that approach us and who are within the scope of this issue. Since Diagonal is the only organization that works on this topic, for the ZSC it very good to be able to have them as referents and partners on this subject.

Explain your selections

Friends and Relatives / Individuals: monthly donations for amounts between $50 and $100. 52 persons form this group.
Enterprises: enterprises who sponsor the Labor Reinsertion Program. Today we have five first-class businesses.
Regional government: we have taken part of a tender and have been awarded a subsidy by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires for the last three years within the Area of Support to Civil Social Organizations.
National Government: we have been granted a subsidy during 2010 by the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Nation to deliver training workshops to people of more than 45 years of age living in the Buenos Aires suburban areas.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

Economic strengthening: for the next three years, through the sale of a larger number of services we estimate to achieve a percentage of genuine income representing 70% in connection with donations from individual persons, businesses and the Government. This will enable us to have autonomy from external donation sources generating a continued and consistent self-financing source.
Institutional Strengthening: we estimate to increase alliances with enterprises to revert the exclusion situation on account of the age and to do away with prejudice against this segment of the population. We estimate to generate more commitment with the public sector and to work together in order to achiever more impact regarding this issue. We also aim at generating more alliances with the Third Sector thus obtaining a larger support network for unemployed persons.

Which barriers to employment does your innovation address?
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Restrictive cultural norms


Restricted access to new markets


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The larger barrier consists in defeating prejudice towards the persons above 45, which is the reason why 90% of them are expelled from the labor market upon reaching that age. In Argentina there are more than four million persons older than 45 who must face an increasingly restricted labor market. In a culture which permanently worships eternal youth thus denying the passing of time, it is imperative to revaluate the contribution to wisdom, experience, commitment and responsibility, which are fundamental for the good working of any society.

Are you trying to scale your organization or initiative?
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Influenced other organizations and institutions through the spread of best practices


Leveraged technology

Please describe which of your growth activities are current or planned for the immediate future.

We are reaching more adult persons who receive a tailor-made service which is adapted at the same pace as demand increases as well as the demands from unemployed persons. There are more and more persons who call us from all over the country who are in need of receiving our services. Secondly, through the site www.todaviaservimos.com we can also reach the worldwide Spanish speaking population, as referents regarding this subject. And third, by means of an Alliance wit the CIPPEC Foundation and Manpower, the Consulting Firm, we are preparing a research work aiming at making a public policy which may provide support to this population segment.

Do you collaborate with any of the following: (Check all that apply)

Technology providers, For profit companies, Academia/universities.

If yes, how have these collaborations helped your innovation to succeed?

Through the Universities we generate dissemination and awareness spaces in the academic field in connection with unemployment in persons of more than 45 years of age.
Together with the Electronic Employment site of Zonajobs, which provides us of the technology, we developed the site www.todaviaservimos.com (we can still be of service). A space for meetings which provides suggestions, information and Exchange of experiences related to the unemployment in persons older than 45.
With different Enterprises of the private sector we have made different alliances and strategies which may help us disseminate, empower and position the service provided by Diagonal and the problem of unemployment in persons of 45 or more.