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Increased education is linked to greater income, yet job training program costs prohibit low-income adults from acquiring needed skills. Head Start's Central Kitchen job program provides culinary training & employment for adults in poverty. In partnership with local gov't, non-profits & faith-based orgs, the 12 wk curriculum has students learning business skills while running a catering business (contributing to the program’s fiscal sustainability), & culminates in a food services certification. Grads are placed in a variety of job settings.


I think this program serves several complimentary mission-critical objectives simultaneously: (1) the Central Kitchen in part feeds Head Start children (core to H.S.'s mission as it relates to nutrition), (2) serves as a platform to help Head Start parents learn job training skills (core to H.S.'s mission as it relates to self-sufficiency), (3) is achieving both objectives sustainably: can feed H.S. children, educate and employ H.S. parents, cover their costs for both, and still generate excess cash to build the program or offset other program costs, and (4) can be replicated/scaled both within the community it resides (i.e. serve more of Utah) and beyond (i.e. the model can be scaled to other communities & organizations)


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Salt Lake City


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