Activating Empathy

Activating Empathy

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Encouraging every child's brilliance... and our own in the process!

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Encouraging every child's brilliance and our own in the process! For the children, a school environment that supports and encourages their natural interests would be a perfect setting. Dr. Montessori used the term “normalisation” for serious concentration when a child is involved in an activity that captivates them. Emerging from such flow moments, children are at peace. Similar to us being filled up in creative endeavours or nature walks or meditation. In such a state, we are at our healthiest. Children over the age of three are capable of reasoning and when they are fulfilled in daytime activities that nourish their mind and allow movement for their bodies, children are naturally helpful and open to others. Naturally empathetic.

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My belief is that activating empathy begins by educating the adults in children's lives. It all begins with healthy attachment. Erikson focused on the importance for babies to have significant relationships with a few key adults in order to develop basic trust. It has been shown that children who lack healthy attachments tend to be devoid of empathy. Many crimes in the world are conducted by those who feel no remorse. I propose educating the adults in children's lives by offering this type of information and more through meetings and workshops at schools, maternity wards and universities through various health and environment courses. Establishing the conditions for basic trust to be felt, the child is then capable to move through higher levels of social functioning.
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When children are involved in activities that interest them, they find their joy and their peace. Children feel empowered when learning. This leads to empowered adults living empowered lives. On purpose.

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My model is quite unique in the way that we are all unique through experience and understanding. All Montessorians might be considered in my neighbourhood but my approach is quite unique and tailor-made case by case. I have been witnessing the successful results in both the children and the adults' lives through my work with them. Much more to be done. One child, one adult, one school, one country, one day at a time :)
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We are all here to shine - to live InSpired and Inspiring lives.
I remind adults that as children, we are born knowing this...

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It is a Global solution. Huge impact. Micro to Macro.

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Happy children, Happy adults.

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Happy children, Happy adults!

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There are infinite possibilities for infinite growth in this work that I love.
Barriers only serve to strengthen and perfect the path.

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Be open to all sorts of possibilities.

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Publish more of my work

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Discover new markets!

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My journey took me back to studying Early Childhood after a very successful Finance career. I was very drawn to Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy that we come into the world as spirits with a very clear mission. From the age of five, I would sit my dolls in a circle teaching them all that I had learned that day! This is what I am here to do, to share my learning, my very own lessons. We are all born naturally intuitive and life teaches us to perform for others. Our journey is just to remember our Truth and to have the courage to live it, inspiring others along the way...

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I am innovative in my thinking and thrive on sharing ideas. My communication skills are excellent. I speak many languages and love writing. I have a very expansive and global exposure, both through education and experience, so a very elaborate network that would be happy to contribute as volunteers &/or staff - from NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, Montessori organisations worldwide, Wellesley College Educational faculty, Deutsche Bank Emerging Markets Research and various school alumni including St Paul's Girls' School and the French Lycee in London.

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