BRAILLIN, the toy that teaches

BRAILLIN, the toy that teaches

Trenque Lauquen, Capital Federal, Tres Arroyos, Tres de Febrero, etc., ArgentinaCorrientes, Argentina
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$1,000 - $10,000
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Braillin is an educational toy designed especially for learning Braille, but can be used by any child, blind or not.

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For children, playing is the most important. Thus they develop skills, stimulate their imagination and creativity, express feelings, build their language, etc.. Children with disabilities need playing as much or more than the rest. The acquisitions they can accomplish with it, can be even more significant. However, most existing toys do not have universal design. In the case of children with visual impairments, the possibilities of playing with toys are more limited because most of them base their appeal on visual aspects Also, the supply of materials, especially those destined for learning Braille are insufficient, so they must be developed artisanal and precariously

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In 2002, I designed a doll for learning Braille. I participated with it in a Spanish competition, winning and then it turned out the doll was manufactured in China, at the request of the organizers The doll made is similar to my prototype, but has undergone a major change from the didactic point of view. It has built a sophisticated mechanism that benefits the learning of Braille, through a typewriter, the cost is about $ 1500. My doll instead was designed to assist teachers and parents in learning Braille with a cheap kit consisting of a blackboard and a punch which costs of 15 dollars, on the other hand, it is the equipment used in the economically poorest regions. Children to be trained in the use of Braille as a system of written communication may do so through a didactic element that responds to their need to learn and desire to play.
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The lack of teaching materials that address both the need for blind children to learn the Braille system, such as play and have fun like other children, has meant that elements generally used for teaching braille and previous work is made with poor quality materials, and almost no interest to young children. Thus we find "toys" made of rough wood with no meaning for children, or home-made items that can not withstand prolonged use, and the active" touch from learners ... The doll Braillin, I propose, can be used from an early age. Use: Improved sensory development through the manipulation of different textures contributes to dominating the body scheme Contributes to acquire spatial concepts (up, down, left, right, etc.) prior to learning Braille and mathematics (numbers 1 to 6) Facilitates the learning of Braille lettering. Contributes to the development of language, expression and communication with their peers regardless of the visual, through symbolic play Promotes the incorporation of playful situations in learning contexts Strengthens the affection and esteem of children with visual disabilities Promotes acceptance of diversity Contributes to the formation of a spirit of cooperation and cooperative Promotes knowledge of reading and writing system of Braille, among children with vision.

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Currently, there are virtually no companies engaged in the manufacture of toys of universal design. The Braillin doll was manufactured in China, the idea that I presented to the contest. Currently, because the amount established for manufacturing has been completed, no one manufactures it. Moreover, the educational reasons I mentioned and high transportation costs and import costs make it very difficult to be accessed by children in Latin America
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, W, Corrientes

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, B, Trenque Lauquen, Capital Federal, Tres Arroyos, Tres de Febrero, etc.

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Braillin is a doll for everyone, but especially beneficial for teaching Braille.

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The incorporation into the chest of the doll of a mechanism to form combinations of dots that make up Braille

Social Impact
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Children who have a Braillin doll find in it an object with which they identify, through it, they can demonstrate to others that the system they used for writing and reading can be fun and even learned by other children.
At school, is an excellent tool for learning assistance prior to teaching the system, then, for the application specifically of its teaching ..
Teachers and parents are related and give publicity to the idea of Braillin. Thus, contact me and request the production of other Braillines.
I find it impossible to meet the demand for dolls, and now and because of the lack of financial resources to produce them in series, I make them by hand.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

That those involved with children with visual impairment, gradually become aware of the existence and use Braillin multiplying in special schools for blind and in the common schools, where they develop their first contacts with Braille
People from other countries in Latin America have access to this material, spreading the benefits of learning through playful elements.
Provide resources to making Braillin at industrial level.

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The barriers have to do in my case, with the lack of financial resources to develop the idea at industrial level

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The dissemination of Braillin within the country, will result in attracting the interest of neighboring countries

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The presence of a blind child in regular schools is attractive to their fellow students, to know the meaning of the universe of dots that blind children use to write and read.
An innovative experience in which I had the opportunity to teach these children, Braille, raised the need for a particularly innovative didactic element.
At that time, the idea of incorporating the sign generator Braille letters, to an item near the children's interests ... and transform this sign, in a didactic toy.

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