Educating with Emotional Intelligence

Educating with Emotional Intelligence

Guatemala, GuatemalaGuatemala, Guatemala
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
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Managers Assoc Guatemala is a nonprofit that strengthens the capabilities of enterprise and entrepreneurship through training programs

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Education continues its efforts to develop more cognitive content areas, not paying enough attention to developing the emotional skills of students. Thus, an increasing number of children and young people who lack the capacity to handle their problems, to pay attention or focus, control their impulse, to feel responsible for their work or show interest in learning.

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In this sense, it is proposed to implement a comprehensive program incorporating –theoretic and practical- development projects EQ (emotional literacy)-which determines how we deal with ourselves and with others, improving the ability of youth to conduct, manage their reactions, states of mind adequately , recognizing their own feelings and needs, feelings and problems of others, putting themselves in some else’s place, and correctly respond to their emotional reactions (empathy), knowing they persuade and influence (Social Dexterity).
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That an intelligent individual per se does not necessarily reach the success, development and satisfaction, those who triumph permanently and succeed in every area of social relationship are those who knew their emotions and know how to govern them properly.

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Peers: Teachers, School Principals and Parents, who may join the action. Not to create a new class within the curriculum, but to integrate lessons on feelings and relationships to other topics already taught. Competitors: psychologists, psychiatrists now have increased their services due to the different problems faced by these vulnerable groups such as children and adolescents to control their emotions and manage their problems.
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, GU, Guatemala

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, GU, Guatemala

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Strengthen the intellectual and emotional needs of children and youth through enterprise tools.

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The implementation of projects on entrepreneurship as a tool of emotional intelligence.

Social Impact
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530 adolescents empowered from marginal areas facing life's challenges with maturity, emotional intelligence and enterprise.
45 teachers and public school principals sensitized and trained in the methodology to replicate for the next generations.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

1000 teenagers trained and empowered to face life assertively and successfully.
Including 120 teachers and principals within the curriculum of studies of adolescent emotional intelligence.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Funding for implementation, as well as little or no involvement of both parents and the educational community. To remedy this, we plan to: a) Ask international cooperation and government institutions related financing, and b) implementation of a program of awareness and communication to both parents and the educational community, informing them of the benefits and advantages of the project and opportunities where they can actively participate.

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1000 teenagers being direct beneficiaries of the project

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To Obtain funding

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Select beneficiaries

Task 3

Ad hoc design of awareness and communication program

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Extend the program into rural areas with the largest population of adolescents

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Task 1

To obtain funding

Task 2

Prioritize coverage areas

Task 3

Form strategic alliances and / or support networks

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Because 70% of Guatemala's population is young with an average age of 30 years, coupled with the low level of education and low access to children and adolescents as well as food and nutrition insecurity, violence and poverty that afflicts most Guatemalan families, AGG developed a methodology based on the international agenda of UNCTAD called EMPRETEC where the enterprise applying emotional intelligence in the project came to life at that time called CONSTRUSUEÑOS, where it benefited over 500 youth whom under the above mentioned conditions were the target group who became a pilot project well accepted and adhoc qualified for its replication.

Tell us about your partnerships

AGG has 52 years of experience in Guatemala, so over this time we have strengthened strategic partnerships with many institutions, ranging from public institutions, private sector, social organizations, unions, academia, international organizations and society civil. In each of the projects implemented we have been able to form multidisciplinary teams where representatives from each of the aforementioned sectors have contributed their expertise, resources and good intention to support assertively towards disadvantaged groups

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AGG has a team of about 5 people, of which 1 is the project coordinator and the rest are technicians, consultants and / or expert advisors on various topics involving the / projects or programs to be implemented. It also has international cooperation technical volunteers such as JICA, PUM, GIZ, China, Israel and contribute technically to support the implementation of projects or programs. We also propose to implement a TOT (train of trainers) whether with teachers, counselors, volunteers to replicate the program or methodology.

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Because our projects are focused on social development, we need contributions or investments through Business Angels to support them. We also believe that enhancing the dissemination of the activities we do need to have more communication channels. We provide information and networking and collaborative educational projects.