The Global Team: Activating Empathy though Soccer

The Global Team: Activating Empathy though Soccer

Tacoma, United StatesLeogane, Haiti
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$1,000 - $10,000
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The Global Team provides youth the chance to learn, play and lead through integrating soccer and primary education to empower creative team players.

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Fact: There are 68 million primary school aged children who are out of school. Due to the dual crisis in education, in terms of access and quality, millions of children miss out on the ‘golden years’, when their ability to learn is at its peak. Short-term, these children fall into the same cycle as their parents and are unable to impact their future. Long-term, lack of education steals the promise of social and economic development, of innovation and personal growth. The need and goal for global education then should be to provide basic education and teach students about the impact of their personal choices. By using education to develop teamwork, grow empathy and instill the creative-belief to lead, youth can be given the chance to understand, change and grow.

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The Global Team seeks to address both the quality of and access to education by combining primary education with the sport of soccer. By leveraging the sport of soccer, this model empowers youth to better understand and appreciate their world by instilling a curiosity to learn, a desire to explore and the courage to make a positive difference. Through self-guided learning, the Global Team engages players in and out of the classroom by matching each classroom topic to the weekly soccer topic. Focusing on respect towards others and self, Global Team players are surrounded by engaging and creative learning environments which empower them to be the change they wish to see in themselves, their community and the world.
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The Global Team matches educational themes to soccer, both in the classroom and on the field. Beginning with mentor training and focusing on self-guided discovery, community leaders are taught how to develop creative learning environments to support the Global Team curriculum and goals. The Educational Book, Soccer Workbook and Trainer Handbook curriculum set provides bi-weekly classroom and soccer sessions lasting 10 weeks per theme, culminating in the players hosting a community day to initiate desired changes and provide community education. Example Session: •Educational Topic: The Animal Kingdom Activity: players learn about the uniqueness of animals to camouflage themselves by playing an adapted version of Hide-and-Seek •Soccer Skill: Developing Placement/Power in Sticking the Ball Worksheet: player Example Session: •Educational Topic: The Animal Kingdom Activity: players learn about the uniqueness of animals to camouflage themselves by playing an adapted version of Hide-and-Seek •Soccer Skill: Developing Placement/Power in Sticking the Ball Worksheet: players define each role on the field and why their importance to the team •Integrated Theme: When striking the ball, you need to understand how far the ball needs to go and where the receiving player’s going. Understanding these differences will make you a better player; as will understanding the differences of each animal class. Just like there are different soccer positions and techniques, there are different animal classes, by appreciating these differences, you will be a teammember.

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Our peers and competitors are those programs who currently use soccer to promote life skills and healthy lifestyles like Right to Play and Grassroots Soccer. However, what makes the Global Team innovative is that we move beyond these skills to pair soccer with primary educational themes like math, reading and earth sciences. Instead of challenges posed, these organizations have helped advance public recognition of the power of sport, which is allowing the Global Team to move the field forward. The only challenge then is integrating the Global Team program into organizations currently using soccer and HIV/AIDS.
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the Global Team

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The Global Team provides youth the chance to learn, play and lead through integrating soccer and primary education to empower youth

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Using soccer to provide primary education, the Global Team develops creative youth team players who are empowered to make change.

Social Impact
What has been the impact of your solution to date?

Starting in early 2012, the Global Team will begin to implement our environment curriculum in partnership with GoalsHaiti, with players finishing the season with greater awareness of their impact on the environment and their ability to create positive change, along with a strong understanding of the Earth. By using the sport of soccer as well as discussion and explorative activities, these players will gain an awareness of their actions (while developing skills like conflict resolution, leadership and teamwork) to be successful contributors to their community and their world. Concluding the season, players will host a community day to provide solutions and education to their community. GoalsHaiti currently serves 500 youth in Leogane, Haiti, indirectly affecting an additional 3,500 community members.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

We project that our impact will grow tremendously in the coming years. Currently, we are progressing towards implementing our curriculum in additional communities within Haiti, expanding to include communities in Kenya within the next year. Our partners, who work in four to five communities per county, will allow the Global Team to empower local leaders, while reaching approximately 100-200 youth per community. Overall, we estimate that within the next 18 months we will expand our reach from 500 to 2000 - 4000 youth, with endless future possibilities as we continue to develop partnerships in communities around the world. Due to the universal love of the sport and the global right to education, our model has unlimited growth constrained only by resource capacity.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest barrier to the success of our program is the need for additional funding to grow our leadership team. Currently, our team comprises of our Founder: Heather Turney, who develops curriculums/materials while managing partnership development, fund raising and social media outreach in addition to overseeing our volunteer Editor, Graphic Designer and Technical Advisor. As we continue to develop partnerships and funding opportunities, the goal is to grow this role into a full-time Executive Director position in the next 6 months and expand our volunteer staff. By completing this goal, the Global Team will be better positioned to grow impact. This will be achieved through additional funding sources and the finalization of partnerships.

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To complete developing partnerships and expand program into new communities in Haiti and Kenya

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Task 1

Continue partnership development and outreach to organizations in Haiti and Kenya

Task 2

Transition Founder into full-time Executive Director position and grow volunteer staff

Task 3

Finalize program development in new communities and training materials for Global Team Leaders

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Complete final versions of math and grammar curriculums while expanding global impact

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Task 1

Train 300 mentors in Global Team communities and provide education to 4000 youth.

Task 2

Complete and finish development of ‘Adding and Subtracting’ and ‘Spelling and Grammar Basics’ curriculums

Task 3

Expand program reach to communities in and around current programming

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Having coached youth soccer, our Founder has always been tuned into the power of soccer to engage youth. After spending a year in South Korea, where students were often left unengaged, exhibiting a lack of creativity due to a model of rote memorization, she did something unthinkable – took the students to the gym during math class. By using games and activities, the kids not only were more excited to learn, but they learned quicker and were better ‘teammates’ to their fellow students. After starting an after-school soccer program, she began to integrate basic educational topics onto the field and “Aha”, the seed which developed into Global Team was planted. From there it has developed into our mission statement and goals for universal education through soccer.

Tell us about your partnerships

Current: GoalsHaiti a nonprofit in Haiti is currently implementing the Global Team's Environmental Curriculum in their community. (250 youth)
Developing: The developing partnership between the Global Team, Village Volunteers and Kick It WIth Kenya will provide communities in Kenya and potentially Ethiopia/Ghana with the Global Team Leadership Training, local Coaching Training and the Train the Leader program. The Leaders will return to their communities to implement the 10 week Global Team Curriculum. (600 youth/location)

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section? [75 words]

Our efforts are supported by our Founder, Heather Turney, who has over 6 years experience in education and youth soccer, our Technical Advisor, volunteer Editor and volunteer Graphic Designer. Under the direction of our Founder and guidance of our Technical Advisor, our team is committed to growth of our mission and believes in the power of soccer and education to change the lives of youth.

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To continue building our impact further investment, added human resources and continued collaboration is needed. In order to support fellow innovators, our team has a strong media background with a highly analytical research focus.