Integrated Education and Cultural Program (IECP)

Integrated Education and Cultural Program (IECP)

Dhaka, BangladeshDhaka, Bangladesh
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Bandarban Hill district is a backward location of Bangladesh in context to education. Total population of the proposed district is 292900 in where male is 53.39%, female 46.61%; Muslim 47.62%, Buddhist 38%, Christian 7.27%, Hindu 3.52% and ethnic is 3.59%. Ethnic nationals include the marma, murong, tripura, bawm, tanchangya, chakma, chak, khyang, khumi, lushei and the pankho.Average literacy rate of the proposed district is 39.5%; male 49.5%, female 25.4%. The literacy rate in the proposed project is lower than other district. The location constitutes government primary school 219, non-government primary school 150 and non-formal education centres 45. Students drop out rate is almost higher in the area. Ethnic community is in backward situation than other community. Drop out rates of ethn

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• To improve knowledge and understanding on the delivering existing education system and factors affecting present education situation at different primary education institutions of proposed project area. • To invent of factors that affecting education at hill district and education facilities delivery systems. • To support existing education system through alternative innovative teaching methodology, strengthening School Management Committee (SMC), Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) etc.
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Activity: Capacity Building of project staff, SMC, PTA and School Teachers Methodology: Capacity would be built up of project staff, SMC, PTA, school teachers and so what capacity building training would be arranged in different time frame. Training would be conducted on aesthetic school environment, innovative and attractive means of teaching, extra-curricular activities, role of SMC, PTA to enhance education etc. Activity: Class Room Performance Methodology: Innovative teaching methodology would be developed and education activist would be conducted (part time) class in selected school of different classes on creative means of teaching. They will deliver lecture on science, literature, fine arts, recitation etc and attract pupils in schooling system. They will also deliver study materials related to the lecture. It will be a participatory teaching system. Activity: Awareness Raising Methodology: To aware community people and parents on the importance of education, community meeting, SMC meeting etc would be arranged every month. Education related day would be observed in the project site.

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Other education institute are my competitor but they provide as usual education in the school. The do not keep mind in joyful education of children.
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SWAPNO Poribesh Unnayan Foundation
About You
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Muhammad Abdur

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SWAPNO Poribesh Unnayan Foundation

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, DHA, Dhaka

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, DHA, Dhaka

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Social Worker.

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Public (tuition-free)

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1‐5 years

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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My serice is to strengthen parent teacher cooperation to run the school. On the other hand it try to make joyful schooling environment

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In the proposed project area, most of the pupils are ethnic and they are not interested to take education So what, innovative activities

Social Impact
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Most of the students are interested to attend school

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

All of the students will complete their primary education

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Linguistic barrier

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Task 1

Capacity Building of project staff, SMC, PTA and School Teachers

Task 2

Class Room Performance

Task 3

Awareness Raising

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Task 1

Networking with government agencies

Task 2

Capacity building of teachers

Task 3

Ensuring primary education of all pupils

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8 full time staff and 22 volunteers are involved with the initiative

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Financial support from other agencies