Service center for dyslexia children in community

Service center for dyslexia children in community

Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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LangLang Learning Potential Development Center was founded in 2007. It is a professional educational organization devoted itself to improve the ability and env

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The study problem of children with dyslexia is the matter of the first importance for parents and teachers. If this problem cannot be improved immediately, these children may have a hard time in schools, and some of them may have some mental troubles. Suicide cases have already appeared with a 10% rate, and there are 100,000 children feeling suicidal merely in Beijing. In china, there are 15,000,000 children in great need of professional medical care to help them get rid of this disease.Our most creative idea is to construct professional improvement agencies to provide a reduced or free service to low income families to form a Cross-subsidization, and try to relief this social problem in an enterprise way.The problem of children with dyslexia in China is a serious social issue.

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The plan of constructing the Community station for children with dyslexia is our prioritized development areas. Our project is aim to initiate ten community stations in the following three years in Beijing. This pattern will help resolve the nearby school policy better, strongly spread the common sense of dyslexia disease, and elevate the improvement rate of this disease. Our Community station will open to the community with low-cost, establish the Children's educational game center, parent-child library and parent training lectures to gain popularity and promote the brand effect. By the establishment of parent lectures in the Community station, we can build and evoke the public awareness for dyslexia disease.
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The core service objects are the parents of the children with dyslexia. The Community station can provide a one-stop service for 7-12 years old children and their parents by offering two kinds of card: Parent card--- Chances to attend to public trainings, lectures, free access to the journals, library, and developmental games included. Training card---Half year card and year-round card for children correction trainings included.

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The branch school (in Shenzhen) of Wynford Dore focuses on the Movement Education to improve the situation of children with dyslexia, but their service fee is extremely high, approximately 35000 Yuan per year.
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Langlang Learning Potential Development Center
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Langlang Learning Potential Development Center

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, Beijing

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, Beijing

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To support the poor and the less fortunate ones,

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We will carry out the “Spreading the dandelion’s seed---the instructor project”

Social Impact
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From 2007 to present, there have been 20,000 people benefited from the lectures.
From 2007 to present, there have been 150 children accepted the training.
From 2007 to present, there have been 11 children obtained our assistance.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

To establish 10 stations during 3 years previously, and 20 stations during 5 years now.We planned to construct 20 Community stations in Beijing in the following 5 years since Beijing is a large city and primary school students has many extra school training programs. Our focal point is to satisfy the nearby school policy.We hope to obtain more financial aids to construct more Community stations. This is the key point in the elevation of popularity rate and enrollment rate for children with Dyslexia.The construction of our inner HR department. We hope to raise the salary so that we could attract and recruit talented people. Now many of the positions are completed by teachers and we hope to establish our special marketing promotion department to complete the recruitment conversion rate.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The public awareness is low and it may result in difficulties as follows:
The situation of children with Dyslexia is tough.
The enrollment rate of children with Dyslexia is low.
Solutions: to establish a well, stable cooperation relationship with communities and the primary schools; to help the communities to enrich their activities and promote the quality; to assist the parents of the community to form a sound parent-child reading environment; to help the teachers to solve the teaching bottleneck in dealing with the children with Dyslexia; and to help those kids to improve their exam results.

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Wider public recognition, more dyslexia children attend our course.

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

To establish 2 Community stations in 2 communities of Beijing in 6 months.

Task 2

To elevate the community awareness by 25%.

Task 3

To improve the enrollment rate of children with Dyslexia by 20%.

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Make a nationwide influence by propaganda.

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Task 1

To establish a core volunteer instructor team that is able to carry out independently the parents’ lectures.

Task 2

To develop the in-depth parents’ public courses in a long term.

Task 3

To promote the all-round against-Dyslexia courses.

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Lanzi researchers have engaged in many years publishing work and they found that reading can change people’s life, especially those have been involved in early parent-child intervention method for their Dyslexia problem. Then they founded the “Recognition of Dyslexia and correction intervention” research group with the assistance of HK NGO to study on this disease and teaching experimentally of it. During their teaching, they found that Dyslexia is a very serious social issue in China. There is an extremely high morbidity rate while an extremely low public awareness, which causes the children with Dyslexia are facing both mental and physical problems and may result in a hidden risk in the development of society. Then Lanzi researchers gave up their publishing work and stick to the improvement of the environment and capacity of children with Dyslexia.

Tell us about your partnerships

Chen Yixin Family Foundation in HK has purchased our promotion service, and government of Chaoyang District has also purchased our instructors training and public course providing services. We along with other NGOs (for example, Haotu) also have established some cooperation relationships.

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Teachers team, network publicity team, sales team, project team, volunteer team.

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