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Kids Caring 4 Kids

Washington, ZambiaWashington, United States
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
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Kids Caring 4 Kids is a non-profit working to empower American youth to create change by providing basic needs for children in Africa.

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Extreme poverty, AIDS, malaria and hunger have devastated scores of African families and orphaned millions of African children. In the many countries where social welfare nets are not established, these children face uncertain futures and difficult lives. For the children of sub-Saharan Africa, the basic needs of education, food, shelter, clean water, and healthcare are not met. These conditions are unacceptable and we are working to provide care for these highly vulnerable children. We also believe that in the U.S. there is a great need for a moral education component in the standard American curriculum. We believe that schools have the potential to create globally conscious and socially driven citizens if they engage their students in important conversation and action.

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Kids Caring 4 Kids provides an opportunity for American children and young adults to be informed about the world they live in and particularly engage in service to benefit their neighbors in Africa. Kids Caring 4 Kids provides American youth with the opportunity to contribute to the eradication of some of our world’s greatest problems, specifically the crisis of extreme poverty and it’s effects on Africa’s youth. Youth-run fundraisers provide financial support for the children abroad – via building orphan care centers, classrooms, dormitories, schools, specially built bikes, clean drinking water, healthy meals. Campaigns at home connect kids in the United States with kids in the international community, and their awareness creates values grounded in compassion, generosity, and action. Empathy and information today will lead to generations of cooperation and understanding. We work directly with on the ground operations in Africa to create sustainable change with the funds we raise.
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As kids are learning about the world in the classroom in an academic way, we encourage teachers to include a moral education component to their lesson through the use of our fundraising experience. We provide teacher's with a facilitators guide that is a step-by-step outline of how they can engage their students in our experience. We empower them with the tools they need to get the job done through providing them with posters, flyers, PR samples, t-shirt order forms, worksheet activities, etc. As the students engage in this fundraiser (the form of the fundraiser is their choice, but we provide them with ideas of possible set-ups), we work with the class/group of students to pick a project goal (ie. to provide X number of specially built bikes for Zambian children to get to school, build 2 classrooms, contribute to fund a new high school). The result of this experience within a student's academic experience is their ability to connect what they are learning to real world problem-solving and leadership. In empowering students to run their own fundraiser, they create their own impact and then see the results of their efforts and witness the change that they, as one kid, can make for other kids like them. Teachers report that after facilitating this kind of experience in their classroom, they see the hearts and consciousness of their students change. The best part, the change created is compounded because at the same time, there is change happening in the lives of African kids as they receive the care they need through the funds raised by this model.

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There are other organizations run by youth founders who are working to to engage American youth in helping Africa, but I think what differentiates Kids Caring 4 Kids is the role that empathy plays in the foundation of our project. I was born with a rare liver disease and because of this I had a unique sense of empathy at a young age. I put this empathy to action as I witnessed the stories of African AIDS orphans and now with Kids Caring 4 Kids, my team and I are working to teach that kind of empathy through our fundraising experience in order to inspire youth, activate empathy within their hearts and engage them in action that will create real change in Africa. We are unique because of our emphasis on empathy and how we use that to connect children across the world.
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Kids Caring 4 Kids
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Kids Caring 4 Kids

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Operating for more than 5 years

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Kids Caring 4 Kids is a non-profit working to empower American youth to create change for highly vulnerable children in Africa.

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We are implementing a fundraising model into the academic curriculum of schools to create empathy in the U.S. and real change in Africa.

Social Impact
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Since its founding, Kids Caring 4 Kids has grown to support eight different projects in Africa. We have built a dormitory, two orphan centers, and provided 400 specially built bikes, school supplies, medical care, indoor plumbing, healthy meals and boreholes. We have helped nearly 7,000 people in Africa by inspiring over 7,000 American kids to raise nearly one million dollars and we have even attracted the attention of Oprah and President Clinton.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

Over the next year specifically, we want to engage American youth in fundraisers amounting to raising $200,000 to build a new high school in Kitwe, Zambia. Over the next three years we want to be a part of and an advocate for the implementation of a moral education component in the American academic curriculum and continue to provide basic human needs to children in Africa. We want to continue connecting and empowering American youth and African youth.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

I think our biggest asset and our biggest barrier are the same, that barrier and asset being the age of our leadership team. While I believe that young people have the power to big things, others sometimes look down upon young people and think that we are not qualified enough to accomplish our ideas or goals. We plan to overcome this by using our network of committed passionate adults who do believe in us and will support our goal, help us advocate our ideas and gain new supporters.

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Develop our pitch and recruit 50 schools to sign on to the project

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Create a new way of branding our idea that accurately conveys our passion and inspiration, an addictive pitch.

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Spread the word through an effective PSA about the power of empathy.

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Engage 50 schools in the Kids Caring 4 Kids fundraising model in America to raise $200,000 to build a new high school in Africa

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Task 1

Create new guides and adapt old materials and resources to give to schools who want to participate.

Task 2

Inspire American students through school visits and speaking engagements.

Task 3

Help guide the schools through the model with follow-through and accountability.

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The images on the TV screen shook her 5th grade reality. As Kendall Ciesemier sat watching stories of African AIDS orphans unfold on an Oprah show, she began to imagine herself living in a mud hut alone, caring for her siblings and grieving the death of her parents. Having experienced struggle in her own life, their pain resonated with Kendall and she was in awe of what appeared to be their unwavering hope.

She knew she had seen the opportunity she was waiting for– a chance to give her life more purpose than the liver disease she had grown up fighting against. That summer as she underwent 2 liver transplants, Kendall asked that in lieu of gifts, friends and family donate money to help these children. She then officially organized my effort, starting a non-profit called Kids Caring 4 Kids (KC4K).

Tell us about your partnerships

Kids Caring 4 Kids partners with a wide variety of reliable organizations that have demonstrated sustainable success in improving the lives of vulnerable children in Africa. We've partnered with World Bicycle Relief, Lifesong for Orphans, Kerus Global, Bright Hope International, Hope for Life Kenya, the Touch A Life Foundation, and World Vision.

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section? [75 words]

Kids Caring 4 Kids is led by Kendall Ciesemier and run by a team of hardworking and passionate millennials specializing in marketing, social media, major and corporate donor relations, campaign development, and community involvement. Recently graduating from primary education, the leadership team is a group of college undergrads that hold a unique perspective on engaging youth as they border youth and adulthood. Each team member is an aspiring professional with a thirst for knowledge and experience.

Kids Caring 4 Kids also has a Board of Directors that represents a range of professions.

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We invest in programs that are working on the ground in Africa, writing grants to aid organizations in Africa. We have great connections to people in a variety of industries to the experiences of our Founder and the national recognition and traction that Kids Caring 4 Kids has gained over the past years. We have enthusiasm to offer to the community because we are passionate about social action.