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Tashkent, UzbekistanTashkent, Uzbekistan
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Climate variability is the severe stress faced by local communities, and people are faced with the need to find ways to adapt to the negative impacts of this phenomenon. On the other hand, the human impact on environment is not always beneficial. In this context, issues of adaptation to the impacts of climate change are actual. But, in developing countries the State has not enough finances for environment and heath protection. Meanwhile, the situation has not become better from year to year. We assumed that the best option in this case - the mobilization capacity at the community level.

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At the same time, these problems cannot be saved only by organizational or financial issues. Such problems arise because of lack of knowledge and environmental education as a community and among local authorities. Without adequate formation of a new vision problems do not really solve it. Now the progressive initiatives promoted at the schooling level. But environmental problems are mainly related to the activities of adults. But adult education - a more complex process, methods of environmental education of adults do not exist. We offer that problems with training youth and adults can be solved not only at the state level, but also the help of local initiatives. To help address these issues we implement the complex educational program for adults and children.
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The special program includes: round tables, trainings in the villages, a special literature development, documentary production. Target-groups: local communities, including children, women, the impoverished people, people with disabilities. Priority would be given to training of local community management of the household, economy and clean water, sanitation, savings budget. Training orientation: the reorientation of the rural population in eco-tourism and national crafts, the implementation of organic farming and rational grazing, development of ecotourism, trainings on renewable energy. As one of the impact tools used our manual “Environmental safety of the family and environment conservation”. It is the first in a series of books about the adaptability of the family to climate change. To achieve the possibility of training on an ongoing basis we offered an effective and, at the same time, accessible training system. These are Teaching-Parental meetings (take place in almost all countries on a regular basis at schools). That not a few important - sometimes adult education is carried out with the help of students. The program is practical - increase adaptive capacity of local communities to the impacts of climate change, as well as mitigate the negative impacts of people on the environment.

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Appropriate education of adults engaged in a number of NGOs. However, as a rule, this process is a one-time, is one component of any project and is not intended for feedback, nor systemic continue. Not to mention the integrated approach to teaching adults and children. A similar study of adults (communities, families), put on a regular basis, with significant feedback and low-cost virtually absent. We already worked with communities and know what they need for adaptation to climate change. We published books about our initiative.
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School # 238

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, Tashkent

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, Tashkent

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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The implementation of an effective mechanism for developing of local communities capacity to adapt to climate change

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We proposed mechanism of ongoing training of communities no requires financial investment

Social Impact
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To date the mechanism of integrated education for children and adults working in several urban and rural schools in three regions of the country. This is especially important for the zone of ecological disaster - the Aral Sea and mountain areas. Target groups: local communities, local authorities, representatives of religions, women and youth groups. They gained knowledge of climate change consequences mitigation at the household level - ways of cleaning water, saving water and energy resources, rational wastes management, how to save wild animals and plants. Decreased number of diseases of children. Created jobs. More and more people become engaged in ecotourism, national crafts. In the mountain village installed biogas plant, which provides gas for families. People have realized the benefits of renewable energy sources.

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Improve the situation with the morbidity of the population. Create new jobs. Decrease the negative human impact on the environment.

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We do not see any barriers to further implementation of our project. However, the teachers- coaches may not want to take the extra load - teaching adults. To do this, and proposes a mechanism for adult education at teacher-parent meetings. To encourage teachers, we are working to improve the relevant rules, together with the Ministry of Education.

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Developing a manual for dissemination of project experience to other regions and neighboring countries

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Task 1

The study of the situation in other regions. Detection of specific problems

Task 2

Development of a manual on the mechanism of local community training to adapt to climate change

Task 3


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Task 1

strengthen the partnership with Ministry of Education

Task 2

Dissemination of manual

Task 3

training for organizations wishing to implement similar projects in their community

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I am a primary school teacher. 7 years I have been teaching ecology using my textbooks. At the parents' meeting a parent of one of my students said to me, "My son is reproached us that we do not turn off the water and light." It was a simple example of different views of children and adults. I thought it would be good to combine the learning of adults and children, and make it a school-based. Sometimes, adult education may be held with the help of children, and it gave a positive. Exchange of views took place and at home.

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Eco-Forum of Uzbekistan, NGOs, local authorities, women's and youth organizations, State Committee for Nature Protection, Ministry of Education

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These are teachers who work in schools

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