Colifata Solidaria. Project carried out within La Colifata Radio framework.

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Colifata Solidaria. Project carried out within La Colifata Radio framework.

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Colifata Solidaria involves taking the radio out of the psychiatric, in order to intervene in different territorial spaces. This project is coordinated by health professionals and leading roles are played by members of La Colifata Radio, mainly individuals who are or have been institutionalized in psychiatric institutes.

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Colifata Solidaria not only from the transfer of solidarity flows but also focused on the interventions device. Intervention devices were designed by professionals from our organization who coordinate it within the aim to develop spaces for symbolization and elaboration of community's problems and possible solutions. Here it is promoted that patients also position as promoters of spaces for symbolic cultural production, in this sense they would be genuine health agents. Said space of speech that was good to them, in this case they donate it.

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Colifata Solidaria involves taking the radio out of the psychiatric, in order to intervene in different territorial spaces.This project is coordinated by health professionals and leading roles are played by members of La Colifata Radio. We develop the program by establishing partnerships with civil society organizations, State entities working in specific issues (health, environment, inclusion, citizenship) and in connection with its implementation we carry out different steps and procedures. At Colifata Solidaria “patients” are situated as: a vector for exchange. They benefit the transfer of resources from one region to the other, from a sector of the community to the other and vice versa by applying different media and varied mass media devices. They promote spaces for exchange and citizen empowerment. By means of the device of direct intervention in the community, radio members trigger the topics to be worked and they as well as intervening professionals act as word guarantors and promoters of spaces for the symbolization and elaboration of community problems and its possible solutions. Two core concepts in connection with users are brought into play: Change from being an "object of psychiatric rehabilitation" to a "health promoter", from "health and social policies", to a "person who promotes citizenship and builds a community". No one can be solely in a passive position. It will always involve a proposal for the exchange of "wishing productions". It is not a charity project; it is a solidarity project.
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As from 1996 La Colifata radio started to be retransmitted in its micro program version from Bariloche City. On one occasion we received a message saying that someone was dreaming about giving patients a trip to Bariloche. They organized themselves and made arrangements for tickets, food and excursions. They achieved the support from shopkeepers located on the main street and from the mayor who gave municipal premises for their stay. Professionals who work in La Colifata asked patients to think about the way they might repay said community's effort to integrate them. The idea of the radio as a powerful tool arose that enabled them to carry out actions not only to reach the community but to help the community as well. The proposed to carry out assistance actions addressed to "street children". During four months they dedicated to spread the issue through the broadcasting stations. Listeners went to the hospital carrying toys, clothes, school supplies to "street children". Ultimately 17 patients and 5 coordinators traveled to Bariloche carrying more that 4 cubic meters of donations for the children. An open radio event was performed in the main square which was broadcasted by a local radio. That is how Colifata Solidaria was born, it was no longer to carry out open radio broadcastings in the community but also to articulate solidarity actions within the community, positioning patients as vectors of exchange, promoters and mediators of social solidarity flows.
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Year after year work is carried out in relation to a population or a topic in particular in connection with Colifata Solidaria. The idea is that this year we work on the protection of environment problem and sustainable development.
We work jointly with individuals specialized in these issues.


Our strategy is:
-Intervention is at "micro" level (delimited territorial space. specific problems), irradiation of the communication contents achieved is made to "macro", since we understand we are addressing - at micro level- current and global problems. In this manner impact is achieved not only in intervention place but also at macro social level.
We seek citizen or community empowerment in connection with specific problems (poverty, pollution, exclusion, etc).
Salud mental comunitaria, como aquello que se produce, se crea y recrea en el encuentro de subjetividades solidarias.
Open ways to the destigmatization of those who have been diagnosed with any psychiatric illness.
- To promote autonomy and mental health in individuals suffering from a mental illness.

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It is required to have the professional resources to be able to manage the projects and a budget that allows again to expand Colifata Solidaria to the whole Argentina's territory and not only to the city of Buenos Aires. For example by acquiring a truck which will enable performing trips throughout the whole country aimed at extending the exchange countrywide.

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The lack of funding to be able to develop the project for both the planning and implementation stages.

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Radio La Colifata

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1‐5 years

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