Maternity Centered in the Family

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Maternity Centered in the Family

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At the science institute for the family the idea comes up of implementing at the Hospital Universitario Austral an attention system for mothers at the time of birth with the focus on the family and the patient isolated from the group. The proposal of developing this program is born to incorporate in the culture of the hospital and the health professionals that work there the importance of taking c

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Health is not a process that depends soley o physical factors, but also on psicosocial factors. At the same time in our country, the reality shows that at the time of birth women are faced with different hospital situations. In general the family assumes a passive role, and more of an expectator before the arrival of a new member of the family. At the same time, the changes that take place during and after the birth in the women, require the adequate emotional support, that protects and favours the affective development of the newlyborn. The managing of information, empathy, and the rescuing and inconditional acepting are competencies that the health professionals must develop to develop a bond between the team that deals with the mother and the newlyborn, the family and the community. Protection of the family and promotion of the quality of life are the final value propositions for this project. Consider the attention of the women and the newlyborn introducing the perspective of the bonds that exist between the mother and the family with the team of health professionals in an opportunity to protect all the members of the family group and strenthen the identified factors as protect

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This idea is innovative given that it represents the functioning of a model of maternal health that requires the active participation of the family, hence it implies that the health professionals Esta idea es una innovación en cuanto representa poner en funcionamiento assume a role companion more than care taker of the mother and newly born. This means that the hospital must be prepared in a different wat and that administrative processes must be re digned according to the needs of the birth.
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Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia
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María de la Paz

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Grebe Noguera


Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia

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Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia

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- Actions destined to transform the hospitalization of the women and the child in a moment that should be lived and shared with the family. The family group is considered as a co patient, that is they have no restriction to be in the hospital atmosphere. This implies in many cases a change in the administration procedures referred to the hospitalization of the mother and the newlyborn.
- Actions (workshops) destined to train nurses, doctors, administrative personnel, among others. Focus is made on aspects of information, attitudes, values to promote professionals that work in obstetrics and neanatology.
- Actions destined to the involvement of the father to accompany the mother in the care taking activities, in the support after the birth, and in the development of the bonds in the first years of the life of the baby.
- Actions after the mother has been released from the hospital, related to a pediatric control and to the post-partum. This includes interviews with the mothers and the family group to bring together information on the physical ans psycological state after the hospitalization.
- Actions destined to the measuring of the impact of the program. By means of the design of


The expected results of the actions should be:
1. Decrease of the consultations of the mother and the baby once they are released from the hospital.
2. Improvement of the satisfaction indexes of the patients in relation to the attention that they receive during their hospitalization.
3. Improvement in the functioning and efficiency of the administration processes that are required in the hospitalization of a patient.
4. Improvement of the work atmosphere in the different areas of the hospital given the creation of a culture where the family of the patient is related to the health professionals and are not perceived as threats to their functions.
5. Strengthening of the bonds between the family members in the presence of the hospitalization of on its members.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

- 2010: Launching of the model in Obstetricd and Neonatologt at HUA
- 2011: Increase of the model's reach to the area of pediatrics.
- 2012: Increase reach to terminal illneasess.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Some obstacles have been identified in order to realize the actions that the program implies which are related with:
- Guarantee the security of the mother and the newlyborn given the possibility of situations that could interrupt the continued presence of the father or all the members of the family during the hospitalization (exchanging of babies, kidnappings, etc.) This requires putting special attention to the process of hospitalization of the mother and the moving of the mother and the child during the hospitalization.
- Respect to the intimacy of the people in terms of the central value of the program that requires promoting and preserving oneself in situations of vulnerability, disease and pain. In this sense, it is important to be open to the wishes of the mother in terms of who accompanies her in the different stages of the hospitalization and the relation with the active participation when she has to deal with special situations of her health status, and that of the newlyborn.
- Limited economic resources may impede that the project has the proyected reacg and the actions are only partially accomplished.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Idea phase

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Instituto de Ciencias para la Familia, Universidad Austral.

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More than 5 years

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These alliances are important for the development of the project as they contribute with the diffusion of the family values in their atmospheres of influence. In this way they manage to identify opportunities to develop the proyect within other organizations.
This project is stated as a practive to be implemented and sustained in time, given that the changes will strengthen the family and the infant maternal health. This will be visualized in the long term and not in an inmediate way. Alliances with other institutions will allow others to see the results of the projectm and hence the interest will be installed in the community.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Establish new alliances to develop programs with the less resourceful communities, and in this way transfer capacities and resources to the families.
2. Develop a field investigation to measure the results and the impact of the program in the medium or long term.
3. Increase the reach of the program to the whole hospital in order to construct a new culture of patient attention.

The Story
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The moment arised after picking up diverse stories from different workers from the Hospital that state that it is very difficult to put in practive everything that they have learned in relation to the importance of the family of the patient “it is really complicated to make the personnel understand that the family members if the people that are hospitalized are not the enemy, but the mothers, fathers, brothers, etc. that are worried about the health of their loved ones". Hence, I tried to look for a transformation process to this sutuation.

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