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After realizing the miracle TREE known as Moringa oleifera that meet all your nutritional needs, takes care of your health and purify your water.We thought of our friends living with HIV and other chronic diseases, who were living on medication through out their life without the taking the right nutrition, and started a campaign for the tree to be planted and used worldwide as a solution.

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FAMINE: Many parts of Eastern province of Kenya is semi- arid with inconsistent rains and it is seriously affected by the effects of climate change and most of the people in this area are poor, stricken by famine every now and then, and many a times they depend on relief food. LACK OF THE RIGHT NUTRITION: People of this area mostly plant maize and unfortunately the maize grows the poison called aflatoxin from time to time, so at the end these people cannot either sell these maize to buy other foods or eat them to get the right nutrition. STIGMA: The area of Makueni and Kibwezi districts, where we are operating is bisected by the highway from Mombasa Island where we have the sea port to Nairobi and all the way to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and there is a lot of prostitution which leads many people of this area are infected and affected with HIV and AIDS but they feared to be tested. CASH CROP: Moringa oliefera tree can do good in this climate and become the main cash crop of the area if we succeed in making the use of its products known all over the world,so that part where it cannot do well, they can buy it from us.

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NUTRITION: Many people in this world face cases of nutritional imbalance that lead them to health complications. This is very serious in the developing countries, so this tree can be the answer because it needs only a conducive climate. The uses of this tree are as unique as the names it is known by, such as clarifier tree, horseradish tree and drumstick tree (referring to the large drumstick shaped pods) and in East Africa it is called "mother's best friend”. There are literally hundreds of uses for this tree and most parts of moringa tree, i.e leafs, flowers, pods, seeds and roots are used and they are known for their nutritional and medicinal values.SOLACE CBO is working to make sure the tree is known, planted and used worldwide. HOPE:For SOLACE CBO to succeed in this campaign, we started working with the local group and initiatives, support groups of the people living with HIV and AIDS together with the local radio station(radio mang'elete) to identify all the people living with complicated illnesses and make them try the tree. This has enabled many patients to come out and share their testimonies, and by so doing, the stigma has now dropped. NETWORKING: SOLACE CBO is also working with the ministries of HEALTH, AGRICULTURE and NGOs like AMREF MAANISHA, INNOVATIVE FUND and KENYA BURIAL OF STATISTICS, so that they can help in research and build trust to those patients who volunteer to work with us and at the same time make them feel wanted, empowered and valued. ECONOMY: This tree grows only on the areas with hot climate like in the tropics and people from those other areas will have to buy it from the areas it is grown. SOLACE CBO is now developing a website for the entire world to know about it and how to process or purchase it if it cannot be grown in their area. Also this tree does well in the areas with small rains, so there is hope for them to start having something to do for their health and economy.
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PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV and AIDS:(PLWHAS) SOLACE CBO initially used to conserve the environment and in the course of their work, they identified this moringa tree and decided put it into test by starting a program called RECOVERY PROGRAM, whereby we supplied moringa powder to the most serious PLWHAS in the community. Our work was noticed and recommended by an NGO called AMREF MAANISHA and sponsored the supply of moringa powder to people living with HIV and AIDS and so far we have managed to supply it to three support groups with a total of 140 members and most of them have improved their CD4 count up to more than 700 within a period of one year. SUPPORT GROUPS: Many people have started going for testing for HIV, something they were reluctant to do, but now they are very willing and then join the support groups or form new ones. OVCs: SOLACE CBO helps children without parents and are vulnerable whereby have managed to give this moringa powder to 10 children living with HIV and AIDS and within one year, we were amazed to find that five of them turned out to be negative. GOVERNMENT SUPPORT: The ministries of Public Health, Agriculture and Water are now working with us through community health workers and field extension officers to mobilize farmers to start planting and using this tree. FARMERS OF MORINGA: SOLACE CBO with the help of an INNOVATION FUND by micro enterprise support program trust, have supplied moringa seeds to more than 3000 farmers who have started planting and it's doing well. SOLACE CBO started processing, parking and selling the packed moringa powder and so far have earned more than kshs 500,000 (five hundred thousand Kenya shillings)and the demand is getting high.
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SOLACE CBO with the help of partners is training TOTs to empower the community with knowledge about the nutritional and medicinal value of this tree to them and how they can plant, harvest and process it for use. We are also using the community radio to do this empowerment and so far we are doing well.

SOLACE CBO with the help of partners is supplying parked moringa powder to more than 150 people living with HIV and AIDS, set five demonstration centers for farmers to learn about this plant and how to plant, process and use it.

SOLACE CBO is working with the ministry of health, agriculture, NGOs, CBOs and other community groups in the area to make this plant known and already made a step because we are now supported by amref maanisha and micro enterprise support program trust and already we have set five demonstration nursery beds in different centers in Kibwezi District.

SOLACE CBO has also opened a shop in the town were people can access the parked moringa powder at an affordable price and we are now in the process of developing a web site so that people from far can learn about moringa from solace and even purchase it online.


The issue of HIV and AIDS will not be a problem again to this region and may be to the entire world and at the same time those people living with the virus in this area will be productive and able to manage their health. Also the spread of this virus in this area will be reduced because poverty will be also reduced.

The issue of aflatoxin will be solved in this area because people will not depend on growing maize instead they will buy maize from those areas without aflatoxin with the money they will get from selling moringa oliefera. The area will be developed and at the same time boost the economy of the country.

Lastly, most health problems in the area will be solved because people will get the right nutrition because of taking moringa oliefera which will supplement all those nutrients missing in their daily food taking.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

First year

To make every farmer in Kibwezi district to have more than two hundred moringa plants and campaign for as many people as possible in the REGION to know the importance of moringa oliefera products and how to plant, process and make sure it gets into market.

Second year

To make sure all the ASAL(Arid and Semi-Arid Lands)in the country where there is conducive climate for this tree is grown and at the same time campaign for its use nationally and internationally and at the same time find market for those farmers who will be growing the plant.

Third year

Find investors to build factories in the parts the tree will be grown in plenty so that it can be processed for export because everybody in the whole world will be aware of its nutritional and medicinal importance.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

1. Misconception of the tree by those who against herbs. This has got nothing to do with those herbs, its merely food!

2. Ignorance that can lead to lack of man power. The youth prefer going to the big towns to find big jobs that not there.

3. Lack of funds to manage the whole process. i.e transportation, communication, drying equipments and houses, etc.

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$100 ‐ 1000

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What stage is your project in?

Operating for 1‐5 years

In what country?

, EA

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1‐5 years

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These partnerships together with other partnerships that may join us in days to come are very important in this campaign because they famous, have potential credibility and when associated with them people will trust our message.They can also support us financially and make the whole thing a success.

These partnerships can also help to do research on this plant and find either better ways to use it or side effects of it. For the time being radio mang’elete is transmitting our programmes free of charge, but they will not do it for long, and at the same time we need to transmit in other Radio Stations.

Lastly and most important, will make SOLACE CBO reach many patients of different illnesses and do research on different ways of using this tree.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Create awareness.

2. Motivate farmers to seriously plant the tree.

3. Process it in different and simpler form for use.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Am a journalist and radio programme producer in mang’elete f.m station. I have been producing and presenting health, environment and HIV and AIDS programmes. It was on my normal process of collecting programme materials when I met this lady, Honorable Agnes Ndetei. She was once the area member of parliament in late 1980s, but people had almost forgotten her, because there were roamers that after she was beaten out of the seat she went abroad but fortunately I came to know that she was just within and was doing a project of conserving the environment.

I had booked an appointment to meet her so that she can give a message on environment conservation. When I reached her homestead, she was preparing moringa powder with the help of other two ladies but I did not know at once what they where doing because when she saw us, she ran to welcome and volunteered to push my wheelchair to her seed nursery so that we can safe time.

She had more than 6000 seedlings and to my astonishment the moringa seedlings were about three-quarter of the 6000. When I asked her why, it’s when she told me that when she was beaten out of politics she was sick, and then she went to seek medication abroad. After testing she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and radiation, but she did not trust it, so she decided to seek help from herbalists.

The first one whom she approached had no solution but knew about moringa oliefera but he never knew whether it can be found in our country Kenya, but in Nigeria. To her disappointment she had no money to travel to Nigeria, so she called her friend who was a lecturer in one of universities in Kenya and asked him whether he knew about this tree called moringa oliefera. In fact she could believe the explanation of her friend who was telling her that the tree she was asking was just in their parent’s shamba but she never new.

After a length interview on what she is doing and planning to do in future with this moringa, I was very marveled and decided to join her and make this tree known, used and planted by the community for their own consumption and as a cash crop.

I did not react right a way, I wanted to test it first. I had two pressure soles that had disturbed for three good years, so I asked her to give me one packet of the processed moringa powder. Believe it or not, I applied it to my soles and within two weeks they were gone!

After one month I visited her again to open the whole idea to her. It was not easy to convince her to accept my idea of publicizing the importance of this tree, but after a long discussion she agreed to come live in our radio station for about one hour so that we get know what people will respond.

After that live program things changed drastically, many people started coming out with different illnesses to try this moringa powder and the out come was very promising. This made SOLACE CBO which by then was known as SOLACE SELF HELP GROUP and which was planting and processing moringa powder very famous.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

My motivating story is about Mary Nduku who was HIV positive and she tested when she was seriously weak. She was about 24kilogrammes but could not be tested CD4 count because she was very weak. Then after taking moringa for one month her weight went upto 36kilogrammes then she was tested CD4 count which was 100. She was in the first group of patients SOLACE CBO chose to give moringa in the RECOVERY PROGRAM test its ability.

As for now this lady has taken moringa powder for one year and her CD4 count Is 500 and her weight risen up to 70kilogrammes. Now she is a volunteer in SOLACE SELF CBO as a trainer on how to plant, process and use moringa, to empower the community.

I have already prepared and presented two radio programmes on her testimony on how moringa powder has helped her and how it should be taken with everyday meals.

The funniest thing about this story this tree has been in this area since 1899. It was brought here by the Indians who were building Mombasa – Kampala railway line. These Indians succeeded in building this line when the Europeans were being killed by malaria, because the Indians were eating Moringa Oliefera. That is why I decided to use the radio to make it known. The radio is very powerful in this area and up to now we have made a very promising step

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