Pro-fertility cooking workshop

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Pro-fertility cooking workshop

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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Fertility treatments are a big shame and difficulties. I order to assist and support the couples and gathered them and create a support group we opened a workshop for cooking. The couples gathered for a cooking workshop leading by a CHEF and through it, by a 4 hours meetings a support group is creating. So we cook and speak and help the couples to cope with infertility difficulties.

About Project

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Shame of infertility and hard fertility treatments. There are 2 general problems. The first is to deal with the shame that I am infertile and the second is that the fertility treatments can be very long and difficult as well and very frustrating treatments. A fertility patients are so ashame and the problem is so intimate that only this create a huge problem to deal with it and to create a support group.

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The idea was never done not is Israel nor in the world. The thing is that shame and fear is not unique but the way to overcome it is. Cooking is also a way of speak in Hebrew to say you are fertile. "There is something in the oven" - meaning are you pregnant. So the connection was really immediate. We in CHEN - patient fertility association, took it one step further to create a cooking workshop for couples. The couples that arrived mixed and the target accomplished almost immediately.
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The workshop is a big success. We will have more and more meetings to assist more couples. The only problem is as always - the budget. It is an expensive support group. The impact we have had was perfectly shown by a satisfaction questionnaire took after the last meeting of the group ( there were 5 meetings). The most important outcome was that 90% OF THEM GOT PREGNANT . That means that support group is high important and no matter the way if the group is working the members are in the right way to reach their goal - create an happy family. The group helped the members to overcome the difficulties of the fertility treatments which are hard and frustrating and only once a month you may know if you succeeded. Good relation created among the members after the the workshop was finished .This is also a good impact to show the change we made.
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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association
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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association


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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association

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13 Vitkin St. Holon, Israel

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We in CHEN-patient fertility association decided to create a support group since it is essential to overcome the fertility treatments difficulties but we looked for a status that is not really connect to it but also makes patient to connect each other and we came up with the cooking workshop as a solution. Food is also primary need like continuation instinct of people, and as mention above in Hebrew we have indiums that speaking about the woman's ohm is in matters of "an oven". Connecting the above leads us to the pro-fertiity cooking workshop. In order to make is successful we have to gathered the couples and to have a good CHEF.
The goal of connecting the people is being done by the food and the gathering itself.


The results as mention above was a success.
90% of the couples got pregnant. The group keep its connection and we have more such groups. Satisfaction questionnaire shewed also high level of satisfaction among the participants. The results explain the high need of support group when you under fertility treatments since it is very frustrating and hard treatments.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

We already proved the need.
We already proved the importance of a support group and show how cooking workshop is a solution for the big shame patients share out of the infertility condition. We showed that cooking workshop is a good solution to solve the above all we need is more budget to create more groups all over the country. We wish to assist more patients since we know as successful ex-patients that it is a good way to overcome the problem of shame and the frustration long fertility treatments.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

Ditto as above. If we will not have the budget we will not be able to have the cooking workshop. We know that the need is there and the solution is too.

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$1000 - 4000

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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, C

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CHEN - Patient Fertility Association

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More than 5 years

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Last year we change the law in Israel regarding egg-donation. It took us 11 years to do it but we manage. we work with Ministry of Health in Israel to promote infertility treatments las month the ministry of health approved women to freeze their eggs if they wish to do so. We also have good collaboration with other NGO's to promote our mission and assist infertile couples such as the the association for patient's rights since we assist patients to keep their job during the fertility treatments, to get the medications they need an so on. We also collaborate with the medicine industry to promote new technologies on one hand and to get their support in our activities.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Reach the patients in the clinics.
Media support.

Budget in order to pay for the cooking workshop that cost 1000USD per meeting .
Finding the participants - because the success of the cooking workshop and the couples get pregnant as they wish , we need to find new participants every time. That means to find the new patients that will come to the work shop. The ways to find the patients are visiting the clinics regulary and use of the media accordingly.

Media support - is one of the ways to find the patients and let them know about the initiate and cooking workshop.


The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

The feeling that food is a need like fertility. I was troubled by the fact the infertile couples do not want to meet other people and I though what will be the way to make it come through . I brough it to the CHEN's board and we decided to do it.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

I am Ofra Balaban the chair person of CHEN Patient fertility association. I have MA in Pubic Policy fro Tel-Aviv university and I am a volunteer.
I establish the association of CHEN after personal experience so I am familiar with the difficulties of a coupled under fertility treatments and the huge desire for a child. Over the years CHEN - Patient Fertility Association become a major association in Israel with many activities and many volunteers.

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Email from Changemakers

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