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Self diagnose

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If patients are able to self diagnose their own bloodcounts (like diabetes patients do )and score these findings into a secure database (worldwide, for a specific disease etc. etc.)
makeing use of Crowdsourced Patient Experience to be interactive with patients aswell as doctors. Doing so designing a powerfull database. This would power up knowledge and experience on both sides.

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because the apparatus for diabetes has already been developed and just needs modification on some parts for other syndromes, you can achieve more lab independent findings (results) and for the patients: There wil be more comfort in knowing that labtests can be performed at home. In a secure surrounding with less traveling time spend at a higher frequency then normally would be done. They can be performed when necesary. for instance you don't feel so good. And there are relatively low costs involved to perform these tests. The extra effort can be honored by the fact that you can get free test strips (and equipment) if you commit yourself to submit your findings to the data base.
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van Vorstenbosch


ITP patientenvereniging Nederland


, NB

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, NB

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ITP patientenvereniging Nederland

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To find a manufacturer who is willing to modify the diabetes equipment in order to use it in other way as was intended.
Developing tests and manufacture on demand.
Distribute these tests among the paticipants.

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Patientsday get to gether and finding that research is not well provided with data that is crutial to get things forward.

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My name is Hans and I am involved with the patients supportgroup in the Netherland as chairman.
My wife suffers from the disease called: Immune Thrombocytopenia and ongoing research tells us, that more data of bloodlevels is needed to get proper diagnostic results on the part of knowledge enhanchement while patients are using different medication (or none).
This in combination with there whole welbeing.
for instance:
side effects are: severe fatigue. severe bleeding.

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Martijn Boot of AMGEN