Early Entry Prize Winners Announced!

Early Entry Prize Winners Announced!

Imagen de Kristie Wang

Join us in congratulating Fabric of Change’s two Early Entry Prize winners, Remake and Ambercycle! Each will receive €1,000 and go on to be considered for additional prizes by our panel of expert judges.

Ambercycle transforms plastic waste and discarded clothing into reusable polyester--all using microbes. According to Ambercycle, “The ability to reuse polyester fabrics is hard. Most polyester fabrics, if they are blends or not easy to deal with, end up in a landfill. A fraction of pre-consumer polyester waste and a majority of post-consumer polyester waste end up going straight to a landfill, as polyesters can't be downcycled multiple times.” Through its microbe technology, Ambercycle stands to tackle the tremendous problems of discarded clothing and petrochemical use in the apparel industry. Polyester can be recycled and reused and produced at less cost--monetarily and to the environment.

Remake is building a conscious consumer movement by retelling the story of fashion with a critical twist. Remake appeals to the hearts and minds of millennial shoppers through short films, visual storytelling and immersive journeys to be connected as humans back to makers in global supply chains. The organization also enlists brands, such as Levi Strauss, in its mission to spark a “race to the top” and make the sustainable fashion movement a mainstream reality.

Got a solution for building a sustainable apparel industry? There’s still time to enter Fabric of Change! Submit your entry by November 18th for a shot at winning part of more than €100,000 in prizes. If you’re a youth innovator or blogger (between the ages of 18 and 24), we also have special prizes for you! For full information, visit the challenge web page.

Image credit: Remake