Makes the hair stronger

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The hair regrowth results are incredible because Kerave Hair is a complete hair regrowth system. No other hair regrowth product compares to the combined power of the clinically proven hair regrowth spray and the incredible hair vitality supplement.



“FutureBox” is an innovative and pioneering mobile application that will offer real-time customized news feeds. The news is filtered to display only the topics users are interested in, delivering content from global news sources users have chosen and in the language they see fit

Is Max Gain Xtreme Work

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Max Gain Xtreme is the only formula who has all the capabilities of supporting the muscles of individuals who are worried about their fragile and thin body shape. It’s all about maintaining the performance level to live up a healthy and fearsome lifestyle among men trending today.



<p>Para tener en cuenta: Este será el primer texto introductorio acerca del proyecto que los participantes verán.</p>

El arma contra la violencia, es una sociedad donde existan los Derechos Humanos, como ciudadanos debemos adoptar una postura responsable ante la crisis actual que vivimos.

Empoderamento de Mulheres

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No projeto “Empoderamento de Mulheres: dar voz a mulheres em situação de risco social” promovemos atividades técnico profissionalizantes para o empoderamento das mães das crianças e adolescentes atendidos pela AAQQ, para fortalecer os vínculos familiares e dar voz às essas mulheres marginalizadas.

Tropical weather forecasts via SMS for small-scale farmers in West Africa

A social enterprise that has developed the world’s first accurate tropical weather forecasting model. Based in West Africa, forecasts are sent to small-scale farmers via SMS.


Liisa Petrykowska, 31

Initiative: Ignitia

Region of impact: West Africa


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