How many times have we been in search of a good painter, gardener or even a nurse for our mother or children? Well in my case many times, and I usually end up asking on Facebook for recomendations. Well, with you won´t need to do that anymore.

Elodie Pameole's New Entry

Mon projet : Galilée Communication serait une société dont le but serait de promouvoir les innovation éthiques.
1 - La mode éthique
2 - Les initiatives RH éthiques avec communication de masse auprès des organisations, médias,presse
3 - Les initiatives concrètes de la vie quotidienne



The first application that helps you measure your environmental impact and rewards you for looking after the planet.
It’s a free app, where the users can find relevant information and register their actions like recycling, biking, running, etc. These actions give points which can be trade for prize



iFarm Uganda changes and improves livelihoods of rural small holder farmers and promotes environmental conservation. We Train farmers on the quality farming practices, help boost agricultural productivity, connect them to reliable markets and offer cost cutting renewable energy home Lights.


Free Market Research for all.
What if you make a party and no one comes?, that's business everyday, that's the iron law of the market.
We provide a deal of the day site, and a market research survey management system, for everyone with an idea, for free.
So small businesses get a chance



Optimum Potentials seeks to help identify the unique potentials people have and also help them develop these potentials to its maximum through the use of psychological principles.We ensure barriers that hinder development such as poverty,low self esteem, wrong carreer decisions are removed.

Tisser : Just Hands


"Tisser" is a French word meaning 'to weave'. Tisser aims to weave a rural livelihood network to support sustainable economic development of weavers from the poverty stricken sections of society. Tisser is synonymous with indigenous,fair-traded, eco-friendly fabrics and apparels.



Upgrading to transform, to expand and to takeover the daily monetary thrift savings through the use of modern technology which will involve the use of Global System for Mobile and banking system; using Global System for Mobile networks calling vouchers to save and redeem money in thrift system.