Lively solves the frustrations of ethical shoppers by curating fashion-forward consciously-made apparel for individuals. We build systemic change by reporting on buying behavior of these conscious consumers to inform brands on what sells well, creating a race-to-the top.

Changamka Microhealth


Many families fall into poverty due to the cost of treatment of critical illnesses such as cancers and strokes. This project drastically lowers the cost of insurance by using the mobile phone for innovative crowd funding demand generation, registration, payments, servicing and claims payment.

Four Elements Conservation NPC

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Four Elements Environmental Scholarships have been awarded to selected school children to attend a 4 day camp on how to drive an environmental initiative, use social media, raise sustainable funding as well as engaging with nature by swimming with sharks and meeting wild elephants.


Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Connected –Hub is the new hope of social innovators whose ideas are creating visible solutions to social and economic challenges but who resources have barred access to decent office space to realize their full potentials. The Hub provides them with best office facility at 10% of cost.



Queremos agregar valor à responsabilidade social e ambiental na indústria da moda. Conectamos pequenas marcas, as orientamos e fornecemos estrutura para que otimizem seus processos de produção, juntas e de maneira ética.

Project Mushroom


Project Mushroom is a social enterprise aiming to foster and encourage farmers towards agribusiness enterprises through Oyster and Milky mushroom production using fruiting bags. Oyster and Milky mushrooms has strong nutritional and health benefits that can help prevent cancer and other diseases.