Poult Vault Inc


Poult Vault is a business which sells life and frozen chicken at various sizes, use poultry manure to make biogas for households, produce and sell enhanced organic fertilizers and make pillows from chicken feathers . They also run a credit and schooling scheme for women, youths and school kids.



En Afrique de l'Ouest, la notion de TONTINE est quasiment connue de TOUS. Cette pratique d'épargne est trés répendue. Trés pratiquée par les associations de femmes, mais non moins connue est utilisée par toutes les générations. Nous voulons repenser cette approche de la tontine.



TimeTender is a time-based community currency that is earned for volunteering on community projects and redeemed for experiences at anchor institutions such as university classes, sporting events, theater productions and recreational facilities.



MPAYG is developing pay-as-you-go solutions allowing poor households in developing countries access to solar energy through small-scale mobile money instalments.


Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Reduce unemployment and precarious employment of young people in Africa has to be done through the improved performance of micro and small enterprises which account for 90 % in Senegal and support self - employment among young people through access to funding and support ( mentoring)



Namaale is a new revolutionary idea which seeks to improve the Shea-butter business and the living condition of women and their opportunities for economic empowerment.

Give me 5


Giveme5 has the capacity to galvanize innovation, create jobs, diversify economic activity, and contribute to the reduction of income inequality by improving access to affordable capital and bridging the gap between funding demand and capital supply for entrepreneurs and micro and small enterprises.