Gongali Model Co.Ltd


Cow dung! Normally, an ignored waste in rural Tanzania but now I have changed it into a source of inspiration, particularly for women. I build cow-dung biogas on loans to household determined to be development models in our community. Household with biogas no longer cut trees for cooking firewood.

Ensibuuko Tech Limited


The exclusion of Uganda's poor from formal financial services have made savings cooperatives (SACCOS) a popular option. Yet SACCOS struggle with operational and information management inefficiencies. Ensibuuko's mobile banking innovation is enhancing the capacity of SACCO to serve the un-banked.



Toraja Melo aims to create a better life for women communities in Indonesia starting with Torajan weavers, while rejuvenating their culture.
To reach this vision,Toraja Melo uses the hand-woven textile to create an environmentally friendly head-to-toe fashion line and gift products-all handmade.

Crear Calidad


Prices are growing, salaries stay low. Market chances go unused by locals. We provide the missing element to find jobs, and realize high quality products and services. A market of trust, created by mobile-ready web services, personal contacts, micro-funding, and human success stories.

Sarawniya Agro+


En juin 2014, avec des partenaires, nous nous sommes interessés à la condition de vie des femmes rurales au Niger et nous avons pensé à développer un modèle économique durable capable de leur fournir un emploi et d'améliorer leur condition de vie sociale en créant une ferme agricole.