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Social Entrepreneurs Catalyze Co-Creation Amongst The Apparel Industry

Collaboration in fashion goes well beyond Kate Moss teaming up with Topshop. Forward-thinking brands co-create by working together with competitors and social entrepreneurs to design radical new projects and processes that lead to win-win-win situations.


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Moringa Oil


Et si vous n'achetiez qu'une seule huile pour votre alimentation et vos soins cosmétiques?
Monter une plantation de Moringa afin de produire une huile pure, naturelle et bonne pour la santé. Le Moringa est riche en vitamines et acides oléiques. Consommer de lhuile de Moringa c'est être consomACTEUR

Discover India 101


"Discover India 101" aim to travel India for social change. We are going to visit 84 cities in India in next 2 years. We will visit different NGOs, understand social issues, visit universities and talk with professors and students to do research about career issues and unemployment in India.

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Nominate The Next Fabric Of Change Ashoka Fellow!

Dear Fabric of Change Community,

Since we launched Fabric of Change in 2015, you have played an important role in the evolution of this initiative as a platform for social entrepreneurs who want to transform the apparel industry. As Ashoka enters the third year of our partnership with C&A Foundation, we again look to you to help fill our pipeline of candidates for Ashoka Fellows in the Fabric of Change cohort.

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Incentivizing Sustainable Fashion: Lessons From Social Entrepreneurs

An estimated 75 million people are now employed by the apparel industry. It’s a number that has almost quadrupled in the last 15 years. With this exponential growth, the not-so-hidden costs of fashion too have increased. 

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