Inversión e Impacto Social

Environmental Design 101

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Running in to people and not remembering their name can be a big issue when trying to impress those around you. To improve networking and social situations always knowing people's names could put you above the rest and make you more personable.

Headphones of the Future


EZbuds brings a new twist to the headphones industry. Our in-ear headphones store up to 4GB of music to listen to on-the-go. Music is transferred from a computer to the headphones using bluetooth. On the headphones are buttons allowing volume control and the ability to toggle between songs.

Satisfeito Project

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Participating restaurants are encourage to adopt techniques to reduce food waste and offer dishes that engage customers to consume consciously, the so-called "Satisfeito Dishes ". Those dishes prevent the food waste and restaurant saves money. Part of the sales can be donated to fight child hunger.


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CoCumo: It’s an organic filter that eliminates the contaminate gases of the vehicle’s tailpipes, easy to use, cheap, attractive design, technologically proved, and It helps with the global air pollution issues.

Laamuna Handcrafted Art


Laamuna Handcrafted Art aims to reduce to mayor extent the poverty percentage in the world through empowering women by providing decent work to needed communities for making it possible to achieve economical growth as a process result throughout Fair-trade. 


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The project Boron aims to make the access to clean energy easier and satisfy the basic needs of heating and cooking by offering a wide range of products that reduce effectively toxic emissions and last longer than traditional charcoal.