Pre-financing for machinery industry

Specially in machine industry, creating a new system or machinery needs innovation. Also machinery producters need more fundings for innovation. In this project, machinery producters are supported by finance companies. With this support, they create new technologies. In a particular time, they exhibit the prototypes in a showroom.Finally after selling,they pay production costs to finance companies

“Asia and Pacific SME Knowledge and Finance Regional Center” (Regional Centre)

The project aims to set up an apex organisation to address the problem of SME lack of access to formal finance in Asia Pacific by promoting better dialogue amongst stakeholders, advocating better practices, facilitating knowledge sharing and providing a platform for incubating new approaches to enhance SME capacity and bankability.

Fostering Farmer’s Organizations with Business Rigour

An approach targeted towards setting-up healthy agro-businesses through joint venture of farmers and private investors wherein the farmers themselves can gradually gain economic ownership, supported by both NGOs and experienced private entrepreneurs. It aims to set up healthy farmer owned businesses in handling, processing and trading farmer’s commodities collectively.


CAPCEM SAFI will manage funds for SME under an innovative model that does not follow the traditional loan model, which has a bilateral relationship, the entrepreneur will present a unilateral investment proposal with private securities and CAPCEM will provide working capital that the entrepreneur will use in order to improve its sales and production processes

Financiamiento para PYMES en el Mercado de Capitales, mediante Fondos de Instituciones Públicas

Financiar a las pymes se refleja en mejoras de los indicadores macroeconómicos
Requerimiento: financiamiento competitivo, a efectos de invertir en bienes de capital, el cual no encuentran en nuestro mercado
Solución: Créditos blandos del BIR, y del Estado Nacional, avalados por reservas del BCRA, y colocarlos en las PYMES mediante el Mercado de Capitales

AGROBALANCE – Affordable Finance for sustainable agribusinesses-addressing issues of risk , affordability and scale

AGROBALANCE is a low interest rate supplier finance offering for sustainable agribusinesses. Supplier performance & contracts help assess risk & provide collateral. Low interest rates are linked to compliance with sustainability certification & funded via aggregation & trading of carbon credits accrued by these businesses. Scale is created via securitization and trading of portfolio derivatives.

Peace Dividend Trust: Factor Finance for Procurement (3FP)

Local procurement by donors multiplies the economic impact of aid. The Peace Dividend Marketplace projects help local SMEs win donor procurement contracts, redirecting over $537m into local economies to date. The Factor Finance For Procurement (3FP) concept will increase this by providing Line of Credit guarantees so smaller SMEs can bid on larger contracts, unleashing more aid money locally.