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Teachers Without Borders Nigeria—Connecting Teachers to Information and Each Other

Teachers Without Borders (TWB) Nigeria is closing the education divide through teacher professional development and community education. Lead by Raphael Ogar Oko, TWB Nigeria’s innovative programs and strategies incorporate unique curricula, investment in community outreach, and a commitment to sustainability and growth. Raphael Ogar Oko and his TWB team are improving lives for teachers in Nigeria and around the world.



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Mobile Schools: Basic Education for Pastoralist Communities in North Eastern Province, Kenya


This mobile school initiative aims to increase access to education for children over 7 years old through the provision of culturally and religiously appropriate basic education to children who would otherwise find it difficult to access formal education. Structures are temporary and materials portable so they can be easily transported by camel as communities travel in search of water and pasture.

The SmartKids Foundation

A state of the Art approach for a structural solution of the difficulties faced by countries now called "developing countries".

Make education available to those that can not afford education, but are an intellectual asset to their country.

Do not let that intellectual potential evaporates due tot lack of funds.



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The Future of Footwear: Nike is Searching for the Next Great Designer

D'Wayne Edwards sketched his first pair of sneakers when he was just 11-years old. If you've got what he's got, you just might have a shot at becoming one of Nike's next big shoe designers.

As a middle school student in Inglewood, CA, Edwards had a knack for illustrating his life using a No. 2 pencil and a clean sheet of paper, but when his imagination shifted to his shoes, he knew he'd found his calling.


The Turning Point Trust

The Turning Point trust works with street children living in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. These children go to the streets out of poverty, many cannot afford to attend school. These children may have dropped out of school when money ran out or may have never started school.

Teaching in Action (TIA) teacher training program

The purpose of the Teaching in Action Program is to provide the venue for Tanzanian teachers to modify their teaching methods from techniques that involve rote memorization to the more participatory and student-centered methods now required by the Tanzanian government. In addition to intensive, week-long experiential teacher training workshops, the project includes a rigorous evaluation component that will ensure that the approach AfricAid is taking is effective, and that will also provide sound empirical data to the Tanzanian Ministry of Education.

Cuando una caminata por las montañas se convierte en un gran salto para las mujeres

Si las mujeres han pasado las últimas décadas intentando ganarse un lugar entre los hombres, en Nepal existe un grupo de mujeres que ha buscado separarse de ellos. Gracias a una empresa de turismo comandada solo por mujeres —y para mujeres— las nepalesas han logrado ganar confianza en sí mismas, educación, trabajo e independencia.

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Quando uma trilha é um salto monumental para as mulheres

Lucky Chhetri desenvolveu um plano para ajudar turistas e ao mesmo tempo melhorar a vida  das nepalesas após ouvir muitas histórias de mulheres montanhistas que  tiveram experiências desconfortáveis, ou pior que isso, com seus guias homens.

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