Explotación infantil

Un hogar construido con amor

Todo niño merece una infancia segura y por ello, en Tailandia, existe una organización que está trabajando para hacer de esto una realidad. La Fundación para la Protección del Niño (Child Protection Foundation), creada en 1993 por el pionero en derechos del niño, Montri Sinthawichai, es la primera organización comunitaria tailandesa en proteger a niños maltratados y en ayudar a enfrentar a sus familias, incluidos los padres abusadores, las causas del abuso.


A Home Built with Heart: How One Man is Protecting the Lives of Children

Every child deserves a safe and secure childhood, and in Thailand there's an organization working to make this a possibility for hundreds of kids. Founded in 1993 by children's rights pioneer, Montri Sintawichai, the Child Protection Foundation is Thailand's first community-based organization that shelters abused children and helps their families - including abusive parents - address the root causes of abuse.


A Rug Campaign Leaves its Mark on the Child Labor Industry

From her studio in Albuquerque, NM, Joan Weissman designs vibrant, ornate rugs that are woven by hand with wool and fine silk. With each collection and customized design, her creations go from pencil sketches to authentic bodies of work that are crafted and shipped to the United States by artisans in Nepal. Attached to each imported rug is a little label with a traceable serial number that serves as proof that Weissman’s rugs were made by the hands of skilled craftsman, not by the tiny hands of children.