Servicios financieros y mercados



Upgrading to transform, to expand and to takeover the daily monetary thrift savings through the use of modern technology which will involve the use of Global System for Mobile and banking system; using Global System for Mobile networks calling vouchers to save and redeem money in thrift system.

CleanCook Microfinance


To avoid the cutting down of limited trees, air pollution, smoke-related human diseases and school-time wasted to collect firewood, I intend to establish a social enterprise that will provide affordable leasing and microloans facility to poor rural households to acquire and use LPG for cooking.



As e-channels we have come with the idea of a platform that will enable users to get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential investors, the platform will also enable users to get financial support from institutions and investors and receive professional advice from experts.



Mamamoni is a Social Enterprise that empowers rural&urban slum women, with vocational skills, make them banked using mobile technology to reduce financial exclusion and also provides Behaviour Modified Loans to help break barriers in accessing finance so they can start or sustain their businesses.

SunAlpha Energy Pvt Ltd


Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders. Is there a low-cost, hassle free solution for you? Solar leasing helps you adopt solar energy at your point of consumption at zero upfront investment, achieve sustainability, add value to your property & save energy costs.



SoLight provides the first steps for Ugandans climbing the energy ladder. We leverage existing shopkeepers to offer affordable solar programs that make switching from kerosene to solar easy for everyone.



PagSaude é uma plataforma web fintech de impacto social que ajuda pessoas desbancarizadas da base da pirâmide a ter acesso a saúde básica privada (consultas e exames) ser ter nenhum real no bolso, com pagamento parcelado que será descontado dos próximos salários.



Piron is building new ways to improve healthcare assistance through the use of IoT and artificial intelligence.
We currently have a system to lower medical costs and make communication between doctors and patients more easier, giving automatic feedback to doctors about patient health 24 hours a day