Servicios financieros y mercados

Yayasan Planet Indonesia

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

We revitalize traditional art work through integrating cultural preservation into the economic empowerment of indigenous women. We focus on preserving local culture and traditions represented in textiles by creating and enhancing profit-making opportunities.

Planet Indonesia

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

We identify profit-making strategies through founding green communal business groups to bring economic stability to communities that rely on the unsustainable harvest of resources and wildlife as a basic source of income.




New Hope Ecotech


NHE aims to connect manufacturers with waste pickers via tradable environmental securities. These securities (similar to Carbon Credits, but for recyclables) solve manufacturers’ recycling obligations, increase overall recycling rates and generate additional income for waste pickers.


Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

QUO provides to the value chain a tool to manage, validate and record trade. QUO's technology generates real time data, validates human rights and fair trade transactions, and records encrypted informations of each product that contains provenance, manufacturing, among others.