Yakubu Yusuf's New Entry


GRAB A CUP is a nutritious, environmentally friendly packaged breakfast. We package in recycled paper rather than the very popular polythene or other light plastics which has a negative impact on the planet .We are providing employment whiles solving the unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast.

Stand4 Socks


Stand4 creates the most meaningful products in the world. Through reconnecting consumers with social issues and tangible charity giving, we reimagine ordinary products and give them extraordinary purpose.

Feed India


Feed India is a commitment to join forces to alleviate hunger and malnutrition through a nationwide network of organizations, motivated volunteers and socially responsible donors. It aims to use technology as a tool to streamline the process of donating and distributing food.

EasySwiftFood delivery service


Food For All initiative is a business project which aims at providing quality food to needy consumers, it focuses on satisfying the lower, middle and upper classes of consumers by creating a sustainable means(through our pick-up centers & delivery system) hence eradicating food insecurity & hunger.

Coin Equals Change


Ending poverty is not a job of just a single person or a foundation. Ending it is a hope, a job of all of us living in this world. "Coin Equals Change" is an advocacy asking all of us to share a coin- these coins are to be earned until it's enough to supply necessities and long term solutions.

The St. Louis MetroMarket

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

The St. Louis MetroMarket is a non-profit mobile farmers’ market that will restore access to healthy foods in all St. Louis area food deserts. We transformed a donated city bus into a grocery store on wheels to bridge physical, financial, and educational barriers to healthy eating and active living.

Amazing Grace .'s New Entry


Amazing Grace Schools is an institution that provides entrepreneurship skills free of charge. We provide core value orientation, rehabilitation and councilling to people of remote and rural communities. We help individuals discover and rediscover their purpose and self worth.