La producción de moda a nivel industrial ha acarreado problemas económicos y medio ambientales, por lo cual es necesario un cambio. Ante este panorama, México emerge con una gran tradición textil y técnicas eco-sostenibles que pueden recuperarse y generar una moda más creativa y más verde.


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Underdevelopment arises when society gives too much and receives too little or nothing at all from its inhabitants. Civic accountability should be cultivated and promoted society-wide to allow society gain much more to provide to current as well as coming generations.



We help accelerate the transition towards a sustainable circular wool chain by upcycling post-consumer wool waste. We offer an upcycled yarn collection, work with 3D knitting machines to locally produce fashion (without confection), and offer a custom fit locally produced basic fashion collection.



Tengri is a brand built by people unwilling to settle for the status quo. We aspire to bring noble fibres to the forefront of the fashion industry, helping to protect wildlife and support the nomadic herders’ way of life, which is threatened by rapid industrialisation and land degradation.

Made In GOEL®

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CANGIARI® garments are made of hand-loom fabrics, reproposing the heritage of Calabrian hand woven in fashion using organic yarns and fabrics. The production provides jobs for women and young people, in a region with the highest unemployment in Italy and the serious problem of 'ndrangheta (mafia).

Priya Verma's New Entry

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Underground water is one of the key earth resources.This resource has been depleting at an alarming rate. Considering the gravity of the situation, I have innovated useful technologies of rainwater harvesting to increase the underground water resources.


KornetCity is a conceptual model that focuses on reducing start up and operational costs for SME sector by equipping office buildings in mostly residential areas. It has the advantages of reducing the need for transport investments, parking, reduced GHG emissions and gives support to single parents.