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Rural Household Woodlot

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Rural Household Woodlot is a forestry enterprise producing forest products for smallholder farmers.We organize comprehensive community forest groups services by static,mobile and door-to-door tree planting campaigns,repayable inputs,woodlot management curriculum,annual awards and revolving fund. - Start a conversation for Lift. We connect the people from same area for commute purpose.
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MallorquinVIVE believes in children and youth as key agents for the future of water resources and its management that are key for local development. Starting by defining a new sense of belonging and then training them to defend and conserve the water bodies, our purpose is for a water future.

Green Discount Bag

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Plastic is becoming one of the emerging issues on management of solid waste. It degrades our environment and also disturbs our waste management system. Therefore it is the most awaiting solution in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu valley. The drainage system is blocked by plastics in rainy season...

Green Roof Top

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Green Roof Top re-conceptualizes cities sustainability and educates citizens about new food ecology. It will engage young people in the implementation. By applying roof gardens, window farms, and edible walls, it provides community with fresh local products and takes care of their own energy supply



Agromate introduces an integrated irrigation system by automating irrigation process. This system saves cost, raises production yields , and saves water, fuel and electricity. Agromate provides sustainable farming solution by automating the system with an increase of overall efficiency up to 20%.

Evacuation of plastic bags

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Our vision is to evacuate the plastic bag from our society.
Save ozone, earth from white pollution.
Saving children from suffocation hazards.
Minimizing the blockage of sanitation system and securing public health.
Providing people with alternative solution.

Enviro Action


Learn the environment copes with the education level of the learner. Environmental lessons will tell the students about general knowledge about environment. Short Movie competition raises the awareness of teens to take action for the future of earth.