Calentamiento Global

Green Building Construction


We implemented technologies in Monterrey’s peripheral populations that have decreased costs in green walls, for more than 60% Cost. These technologies help to drop up to 5* C, improving air and helping to decrease greenhouse gases. Also promotes social sustainability in marginal sectors

‘Low cost’ sustainable biogas technology for forest conservation, cooking energy needs and livelihood generation for rural India

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

About 80% of rural homes in India continue to use ‘firewood’ as their primary cooking fuel, The project aims to provide solution by providing low cost sustainable easy to use biogas technology for cooking energy needs.



At Planetlibrium, carbon offsetting feels more like shopping and less like paying to right your environmental wrongs. At our site, you shop online for the products you love from the brands you already know. Everything you buy is automatically offset, keeping greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere.

Health replaced Hazard


HrH (Health replaced Hazard) solves two pressing, malnutrition and waste related environment pollution, problems through an innovative social business model for 6 millions of slum people of Bangladesh. HrH is keeping green and educing malnutrition without cost for slum people creating employment.

Nature LIFE Extremadura


Develops AGRO-ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY first protocol, to ensure the highest quality from source to cosumidor, respecting the environment, recovering traditional farmland protection areas for orchards and defense of species, without increasing the price of the fruit.

Wegen Power


Driven by the cause to improve lives and make impact to the society. Wegen will provide clean and more affordable electricity using a new design of wind turbine- a technology that won an International competition and made interest to multinational company.

Smart solar home


Our smart "solar home" will help you generate free electricity for your home. You can install it at your own house to get free electricity so you will not pay an electricity bill again in addition to conserving energy for your country.