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Nichols Turbine Generator

If one wind turbine can produce energy, a 1.5-MW turbine would produce 1.5 MW× 365 days × 24 hours × 25% =3,285 MWh =3,285,000 kWh in a year, then if we reduce the size but increase the number of turbines and put them in a tighter space, then create the wind aspect using energy made its renewable.

Greener Memorials


Greener Memorials is a unique designed remembrance memorial that has a lot of environmental benefits (I.E)
1) Made from recycled plastic
2) Eco-friendly
3) A lot more affordable
4) Easy to order and install
5) Help local councils reduce the plastic waste that would end up going to landfill



MintScraps is an online platform that helps restaurants and other food service establishments track their food waste, divert it from landfills, and donate still consumable food to nonprofit organizations.

4G Webtech Ltd


4G webtech Ltd has come up with an innovative web application that will reduce paper consumption globally, among high consumption institutions. Our flagship application reduces paper consumption and saves money and our environment.