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The money tree

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

The project clearly explains that make the huge money by trees and help our beautiful world to prevent global warming, and to provide a good returns to farmers as a good source of insurance and selling of agricultural land is the one more problem which the world is going to face and particular in India so if farmers plant trees in there farm this will be reduced as well as we can save our world from global warming. A recent research shows each person on this earth must plant 2 trees to prevent global warming lets make this happen true come on friends


SIPATEC: Sistemas de palestras educação e cultura) Sipatec porque lembra SIPAT, Sistemas de palestras, porque elaboramos um super sistema e curso de acordo com a necessidade do cliente. Educação porque visamos mudar a sociedade educando as pessoas. Cultura porque puxamos a sabedoria de várias fontes e nos Tornamos UNO

Solar Demo Site to Promote Food Security and Renewable Energy

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Ecogeaneration NGO has established a unique Solar Demo site to be used for demonstration and promotion of solar appliances. A solar drier is established and is producing dried fruits and berries using the local produce. The Demo site is also used for demonstration campaigns for entrepreneurs, businessmen, NGOs, producers and the public from Armenia, Georgia and the region.



ECOpavement is here to bring an innovative solution to alarming environmental hazards because of plastics
We can dramatically increase the rate of recycling plastic by having an intensive construction material used for paving made from plastics. Why not have 700 years of resistance where you want it, on your road and not in the water killing 1000000 animals per year.