Parque 67

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Parque 67 is an urban forestry program started in 2008. We are dedicated to planting trees on riverbanks, parks, schools and streets in different parts of the Greater Metropolitan Area, Costa Rica.



Converting properties to urban farms providing near-free food for our local communities.

Our vision is to buy residential properties, convert them to urban farms using aquaponics and wicking bed technologies, and then provide the community with cooperative farm share opportunities.

Cityborn project


CityBorn is a multi-disciplinary initiative in International Youth Empowerment Network (YEN) aimed at accelerating social change through engagement of Ugandan youth of age 14 to 30 years in commercial agriculture and transformational learning. We want to empower youth to mine the gold in agriculture



One simple solution to the complicated urban household organic waste problem: DeCOMP. DeCOMP promotes and facilitates decentralized composting at individual and community level. With Project DeCOMP your garbage will avail you attractive discounts on everyday products and services.