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We believe that every city deserves a bikesharing. And that you can start one without city council support or thousands of dollars. We're making it happen in Czech Republic (Prague, Brno, Olomouc, more to come...) right now and would love to spread the idea around EU.



UrbnEarth designs and creates guided garden kits that allow new food growers to access the health benefits of homegrown food. Our first product - the UrbMat - makes growing 13+ lbs of food per season clean, easy, educational, and intuitive. Our mission is create healthier communities everywhere.



We at EMPIWF aware, train and equips farmers to use EM method of Farming to check depletion of soil health and crop health and increase agricultural productivity. We emphasize to create a system of earth healing and situation that is both economically and physically beneficial for everyone.

Urban Nature Partners PDX

Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil

Urban Nature Partners PDX empowers youth in underserved areas of Portland through matching them with adult mentors to access urban greenspaces on their own terms. Youth gain access and to basic outdoor gear, knowledge about other programs and career paths, and build confidence and better well being.



Housing in Latin America is characterized by progressive growth. This is achieved by placing structural elements over the roof that later support a new floor on a higher level. Since it takes years before a new floor is added, these elements can be used to support a device for growing vegetables.

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Agrilution (= Agriculture + Solution) makes vertical farming technology accessible to individuals for home use. With the Agrilution home-grow device you can plant and grow fresh greens, at a high nutritional value, using 98% less water than in conventional agriculture and reducing the carbon footprint caused by transportation. 




The floorbook


In an instant teachers can roll out a classroom anywhere. The Floorbook pages easily transfer a lesson about math using the math frame & game. That is what Floorbook (local prod. recycled PET) does: create a physical space to educate while at the same time facilitate practical math lessons