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Ath Checkpoint

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Ath Checkpoint is an HIV prevention center located in Athens, for men who have sex with men. It is designed to offer counseling and information about safer sex, rapid testing for HIV and linkage to health care services in case of a reactive (positive) result. At the Ath Checkpoint you can take a free and anonymous saliva test for HIV as well as counseling for safer sex practices

Wounded Warriors Happiness Course

Wounded Warriors Happiness Course will help soldiers replace their triggers with happiness on the golf course by skillful teen golfers teaching Wounded Warriors golf and Wounded Warriors mentoring teen golfers. This service will be no sacrifice because everyone shares what they can: wounded warriors-guidance, teens-golf skills, marine officers-administration and players-golf lessons, tee times, and everybody has foursomes of fun.

Power Off

An anti-pornography club that helps and supports people who struggle with addiction, as well as bring about awareness to this growing problem.

Ending Child Support Conflict


Ittavi (an acronym for “it takes a village”) seeks to end conflict, improve transparency and simplify the process of paying child support while saving parents time and money.

Parents can now spend less time managing child support and more time focused on raising happy, healthy children.

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Be More Than a Bystander: A Partnership Between the Ending Violence Association of BC and the BC Lions with Financial Support from Status of Women Canada, the BC Ministry of Children and Encana Corp.

“Be More Than a Bystander” is a groundbreaking initiative between EVA BC and the BC Lions to increase understanding of the impact of men’s violence against women. Sports icons from the BC Lions are using their status and public profile to create awareness about violence and talk to youth. The program is breaking the silence surrounding violence against women and girls by providing tools, language and practical ideas about how to be more than a bystander, how to speak up and how to communicate that violence and abuse is not acceptable.



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Pique Ventures: setting the stage for diversity in investing

Pique Ventures is an intelligent network of people committed to investing in a different way. We help you meet people before you need to meet them and openly use emotion, intuition, our bodies, as well as analysis to make investment decisions. We connect investors to each other and to investment opportunities and strive to create a diverse investment community.

Canımız Kampüste

Canımız Kampüste breaks the silence on harassment and gender-based violence. Powered by local university students and armed with digital media, Istanbul ‘is alive on campus.’



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