Violencia Familiar



Editar videos originales y de calidad visual como motivación y planteamiento inicial de juegos colaborativos para ser desarrollados en aula, con temáticas que abordan temas transversales,y destinados a alumnos/as desde Tercer Año Básico a la Educación Superior.


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Liberia is the oldest country in Africa with an illiteracy rate of 80%. There is an urgent need to motivate the young people to go back school. Civic education is just one of the ways to motivate young people to go to school.

Tren de la Libertad

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FUNDECOM, referente en la promoción y defensa de los Derechos Humanos de Niñez, Adolescencia y Mujeres, a traves de estretegias y metodologias ludicas-atractivas que dan voz a los que no son escucahados. Procesos que requieren fortalecer y avanzar en el pleno goce de sus derechos humanos.

Locomotive Woman

Support for women suffering from chronic stress and overload!
Raising awareness of prolonged stress and overload impact on women health.
Rising awareness of the fact that medical treatment focuses on symptoms ignoring roots of the health disorder laying in stress.
Providing help in form of mental and physical health oriented workshops, lectures , consultations and delivering specific information about help availability.

Justice For Children

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Each child must be protected by preserving his or her identity, and by providing appropriate assistance and protection for children whom are deprived of some or all of the elements of their identity.

JWF focus on protecting children by providing them free legal services and support.

Alive and Load

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Connect domestic violence survivors and professionals of similar social economic backgrounds with community groups and schools in the GTA. Discuss violence before it happens, arm young people with the information, support and understanding to acknowledge violent relationships and seek help.

WODES/NCBL Data Center

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WODES/NCBL Data Center reviews and collects/integrates violence related data from numerous media outlets in Nepal. By simplifying access to integrated data with this online system, the data center hopes to encourage thorough mathematical analysis of the nature of violence in Nepal.