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Feedback Labs Releases Feedback Quiz and Toolkit

(Washington, D.C.) - On March 10, Feedback Labs, a consortium of leading domestic and international organizations in the for-good sector, released the first version of its flagship product, the Feedback Toolkit.  The Toolkit helps organizations improve the way they listen to their constituents to be more responsive to the people they are trying to serve - and ultimately to improve outcomes.

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Colabora 2015


Programa de 6 meses de inserción laboral dirigido a 15 personas en búsqueda activa de empleo con espíritu dinámico y colaborativo.
El fin es facilitar la inserción a través de la participación activa y del desarrollo de trabajo cooperativo de los/as participantes.

Enactus Senegal

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Latif Mbengue is shifting education in Senegal from theoretical to practical, hands-on learning. Bringing key players together, Latif is preparing students to succeed in the workforce, helping them to accelerate their professional and entrepreneurial careers and in turn creating hubs of innovation.


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{Afrimath} is an organisation which aims to detect and nurture mathematical talent in African students in schools and universities (K-16). We work with our partners to develop exciting extra-curricular opportunities to prepare youth for international competitions and world-class research.

Gentils Virus

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We think that most of the problems our society faces are the result of the political impotence of citizens, and would be resolved long ago if the people could really do something about it. But we can only elect masters who will decide everything for us. We need more direct democracy.