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Reclaiming our Streets

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'Reclaiming our street' is a unique endeavour to recognise pedestrian rights and enforce pedestrianisation in India. Pedestrians are neglected in India and the resultant outcome is pedestrian deaths. The project stipulates a pedestrian audit in Kochi to highlight issues and push for policy change.

Young Riders4Helmets Campaign

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Young Riders4Helmets Campaign, a community based helmet wearing campaign with an objective to undertake extensive awareness programme for changing in behaviour among the youngsters and to encourage them to wear helmets not for escaping penal action but to save themselves from fatal road accident.


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1: ROAD-SIDE PARKING: All Vehicles Parking in the ROAD-SIDE PARKING &the PARKING-AREA must be on “BLACK & WHITE” blocks PAINTED on KERBSTONES is LEGAL including "RESIDENTIAL-AREAS” where Kerbstones laid” in BANGALORE Roads.

2: No PARKING: PARKING all Vehicles against "BLACK & YELLOW" is ILLEGAL.

Community Center Projects

Do you want to spend your time doing something meaningful while travelling the world? Come to Buenos Aires and support a local Soup Kitchen or help out at a Community Center. Be part of a local community and use this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your own experiences.



Our platform will use mobile and internet technology to address lack of accountability in local governance in India. Our platform aims to highlight departmental faults, trends of public dissatisfaction and facilitate real-time resolutions to local-governance issue.

Beyond Disability

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How to prevent social exclusion of the intellectually disabled? Although most attend a variety of daytime help institutions, only a handful decide to undertake aided employment, for instance. What about social life? What do they do in the afternoon, after therapeutic classes end? What occupies them on the weekends? Are they doomed to lonely vegetation before a TV set or, if at all possible, in front of a computer screen?