Sector ciudadano

NewB, towards a coop-bank

114+ organisations/businesses and more than 46000 citizens are building a new cooperative bank in Belgium. NewB is value driven (transparent , sober, simple, participative, inclusive, innovative, fair, local sustainable economy), professional (partnership between bankers and civil society) and responds to a real demand for new financial tools, products and services, for investments and savings. It is to be an example for mainstream banks.

Leveraging the potential of millions of business professionals for social good

Non-profit organisations are trying to solve some of the most urgent societal problems. They are often held back by limited access to professional resources they need to fulfill their goals. Proboneo connects these NPOs with the same high-quality and professional resources as for-profit corporations, on a pro bono basis, to achieve a broader impact. Proboneo is partnering with LinkedIn to unlock the potential of its talent network.

Kompis Sverige

Kompis Sverige provides a physical meeting space where established Swedes and newly arrived immigrants get the opportunity to meet and interact on an equal basis. We provide an individual peering process based on the results of in-depth interviews, and follow up calls.

Our Children's Future

Creation of a school feeding program, the income from which will go towards a teacher supervision initiative which monitors if teachers are coming to class everyday. Teachers are on weekly rotation to supervise their colleagues, and will receive a cash stipend if attendance is >80%.