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Authenticitys is an online platform connecting conscious travellers with local changemakers through city experiences and tours. We host experiences with our community of entrepreneurs to curate an incredible time that will leave a positive impact in the city you visit.

Le Mouton Vert


Le Mouton Vert, emprendimiento sustentable de diseño textil lanero contemporáneo, presenta líneas de Indumentaria y Eco-Hogar, utilizando materia prima de ganado ovino y camélido, originario de la Patagonia chilena. Incrementa el trabajo social y ético en Chile, trabajando con mujeres de la región


Ugift is the platform where heroes can connect with other heroes to deliver goods to people around the world. A hero can be a donor who gives away valuable stuff or a traveler who can carry those items inside bagages, who, by doing so, can help cut freight and import costs.



Axolotl es una marca que mezcla iconografías de la tradición textil indígena, con la intervención, adaptación y diseño urbano para generar una re-evolución creativa reflejo del crisol cultural Mexicano.

Let HER Work

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Women do possess great deal of skills and education but do not have all necessary resources at their disposal. This can be translated into Pakistan’s Economic Power. I have planned to develop a Virtual Work Place which will bridges the gap between women and the work industry.

Casa Geração Vidigal

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Vidigal está na moda e a moda está no Vidigal!
A Casa Geração concilia a necessidade de formação com a importância do empreendedorismo nas comunidades do Rio de Janeiro. É um Centro de Formação e um Laboratório de Criação em moda, que busca inserir jovens talentos da comunidade no mercado.

Lina Moreno Velez's New Entry


We eager to improve Mexican artisan’s communities by identifying their hand-made techniques with entrepreneurial potential. We diagnose community living conditions in order to find solutions for their needs. We combine contemporary products with the artisan’s techniques in order to create diversity.

Land Sharing for Social Good

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Is it possible to solve crucial problems in society and environment together and at the same time providing services and products for wider society with simple approach of intergenerational sharing of agricultural land?
Yes it is! And we know how to do it!


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Raise her Voice- a social enterprise with multi layered benefit & holistic approach. We design and manufacture reusable sanitary packs, creating employment opportunities for men & women, increasing access to education for girls and using profits to support sustainable, community empowerment projects