5th Pillar – Empoderamiento de ciudadanos para afrontar la corrupción

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5th Pillar – Empoderamiento de ciudadanos para afrontar la corrupción

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Las herramientas anticorrupción de 5th Pillar empoderan a todos los ciudadanos para combatir la corrupción.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

A largely absent rule of law, ineffective enforcement of law, compromised judiciary, and general public complacency to corruption, have contributed to an entrenched culture of corruption in India – from delivery of basic public services to large-scale misappropriation of public funds for private use. The scale and magnitude of corruption (http://goo.gl/X3WQ2) provides context for current public anger around corruption. The recent non-violent protest against corruption led by a 74-year old Gandhian Anna Hazare, unleashed a spike in people’s emotional energy of unprecedented proportions, and jolted the nation out of decades of passive tolerance and apathy to systemic corruption. Significant work lies ahead to channel and transform citizen sentiment into more sustained, meaningful outcomes. The need of the hour is to harness the awakened national consciousness to sustained individual ACTION, empowering every citizen to be a change-agent/crusader against corruption in their personal & professional circumstances, and catalyzing sustained collective momentum against an entrenched malaise in the system.

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5th Pillar as a grass-roots citizens’ coalition works to empower citizens to seek transparency and accountability in governance, catalyze civic participation/pressure for a collective crusade against corruption. (http://goo.gl/NzoiP) With demonstrated success in its field-based anti-corruption work, complementary communication/media platforms that serve as a catalytic tool to extend its impact & reach nationally is a current imperative. Zero-Rupee Note (ZRN): a simple currency-like tool has the words ZERO RUPEES with the zero-corruption pledge “I will neither accept nor give bribe” on it. Citizens can use it at the point of bribery to access fundamental rights and public services without having to succumb to the act of bribery. It communicates to corrupt public officials that the citizen is not alone, but is backed by institutional support, that facilitates disciplinary proceedings against corrupt practices in public service delivery. We have seen demonstrated success, particularly in semi-urban & rural settings. ZRN triggers a sense of shame and fear in the minds of the corrupt official, reminding him/her of the legal implications of taking a bribe. 2) Corruption Reporting Platform: enabling citizens to be whistleblowers, and report incidents of corruption/bribery via phone, email, SMS or 5th Pillar’s Online Corruption Reporting Tool powered by Kiirti. Depending on the nature of the corruption report, the information processed through the online system flows to 5th Pillar’s relevant anti-corruption Vigilance Coordinators for support and/or remedial action.
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• Zero Rupee notes have been made available for download and printing in various Indian languages on http://india.5thpillar.org/ZRN so any citizen can download and produce at the locations where demand for bribes occur. An old lady was asked for a bribe by an official at the Tahsildar’s Office (State Revenue Department), to obtain her land title which in turn was required to secure an educational loan from a bank to be used to admit her grand-daughter in college. After more than 18 months of waiting for her land title document (since the bribe amount was unaffordable), she learnt about 5th Pillar’s ZRN and walked into the same corrupt official’s office with this tool. To her surprise, she was offered a seat to wait, with her land title deed processed in less than an hour. • A student who had attended 5th Pillar’s “Freedom from Corruption” campaign in her college, reported a corrupt policeman allowing private car-owners to park in ‘No Parking’ zones outside the Thanjavur Big Temple in Tamil Nadu, and collecting bribes for the same. The student uploaded a video containing footage of the traffic policeman receiving a bribe from one of the drivers. 5th Pillar forwarded the video to the appropriate officials in the Police Department accompanied by a complaint to initiate disciplinary action. The traffic constable was suspended, and no similar occurrences of bribery at that location have been reported.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

Given the magnitude and systemic nature of the issue of corruption in India, 5th Pillar considers like-minded organizations as complementing (and not competing with) its own efforts in the war against corruption. Some of the peers working on an anti-corruption agenda are the Anti-Corruption Movement (an informal coalition of citizens against corruption), Transparency International (India chapter), ‘Lanjam Kodathor Eiyakkam’ (Association of Citizens who don’t pay bribes). While most of their work is targeted at an older demographic, 5th Pillar aggressively targets its structured programs to children in schools, youth in colleges and young professionals and entrepreneurs. The goal is to create a new generation of citizens who will be active role models as they enter the work force and become productive members of business, government and society without being active or passive participants in corruption.
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In 2006, when I arrived at the Mumbai International airport, a customs official pulled me aside under the pretext that I had a ‘lot of electronics that were subject to customs duty’. When I explained that I was well within the ‘allowable’ limits that I could carry as a NRI, the official asked me to wait aside and informed me that I had to see his superior who was neither going to arrive at his desk, nor was there any effort to take me to him. I then pulled out a Zero Rupee Note which I was experimenting with at that time, and handed it out to the official who had originally stopped me, indicating that I had to leave as I had immediate official commitments after I exited the airport. I offered to come back, if I still had to meet with the superior official. After taking a detailed look at the ZRN, the official’s tone and body language changed dramatically to the extent of becoming over-friendly in his interactions, and seeing me off with much cordiality. This was the ‘Aha’ moment when I realized that the ZRN, if placed in the hands of a helpless citizen, can save him/her from being harassed by corrupt officials and could serve as an effective anti-corruption tool.

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ZRN: The organization has distributed more than 2 million printed ZRNs since its introduction in 2007. Countries like Nepal, Ghana, Mexico, Argentina and Peru contacted 5th Pillar for consent to use the Zero Currency Note concept, and adopted it to fight corruption in their respective geographies.
Corruption Reporting Platform: We have received reports and helped resolve issues related to basic services such as securing birth/death certificates, ration card, voter ID card,etc. This platform has game-changing potential for the anti-corruption agenda to tackle large-scale corruption involving the nexus of politics and business.
5th Pillar’s anti-corruption initiatives such as 'FREEDOM from CORRUPTION' awareness & sensitization program for Youth, free training/workshops on the RTI ACT and practical tools to tackle corruption has penetrated over 1200 colleges and schools, reaching over 500,000 students, mobilizing them into the zero-corruption pledge “I PROMISE TO NEITHER ACCEPT NOR GIVE BRIBE”.
A cumulative total of 600,000 people have attended 5th Pillar’s anti-corruption awareness/training workshops.

¿Qué impacto esperas que tenga tu iniciativa en los próximos 1-5 años? ¿Es una idea aplicable a otros ámbitos? En caso afirmativo, ¿cómo se podría aplicar?

• The plan is to replicate 5th Pillar’s program success in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh to few other states in India – Karnataka, Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana. Discussions and efforts are in progress to recruit Chapter Coordinators and Trainers in these geographies.
• We intend to increase citizen usage of the Online Corruption Reporting Tool beyond its current nature of usage to report bribery in public services delivery, to also serve whistle-blowing interests involving large-scale corruption.

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Launch Chapters in 3 of 6 targeted geographies; increase awareness & usage of the CRT to get citizens to be active participants

Tareas a 6 meses
Tarea 1

Recruit 3 Chapter Coordinators (Delhi, Maharashtra & Karnataka) & train them on anti-corruption programs, tools and processes

Tarea 2

Identify a strong social media partner to help with campaigns

Tarea 3

Launch a social media campaign

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Build a network of 'nodal agents' to receive SMS corruption alerts from online-access-challenged & feed it into online CR Tool

Tareas a 12 meses
Tarea 1

Recruit remaining 3 Chapter Coordinators (Kerala, West Bengal, Rajasthan) and train them on 5th Pillar anti- corruption programs

Tarea 2

Recruit/train volunteers from our network to serve as ‘nodal agents’ to citizen-watchdogs on the wrong side of digital divide

Tarea 3

Make system adjustments to CRT to enable linking SMS alerts to ‘nodal agents’ assigned to specific departmental corruption cases

¿Cuántas personas han sido afectadas por el proyecto?

Más de 10,000

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Más de 10,000

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• Sustained funding. Unlike other social change activity where outcomes can be measured, anti-corruption work is one where the results are not easily measurable. Impact multiplication and expansion plans will remain a challenge in absence of sustained institutional support
• A majority of the older age-group who have been victims of corruption have lost faith in the system. These citizens dampen the spirits of youth during group discussions. Our strategy has been to drive our structured programs to school/college students & young professionals who we have seen to be very aspirational, motivated and passionate to drive positive systemic change
5th Pillar continues its communication with the older group (through newsletters, online groups) highlighting success stories as hope for change

¿Cómo valoras el cambio en los sectores de medios de comunicación y tecnología de la información en la próxima década? ¿Cómo se adaptará tu solución a este entorno cambiante? ¿Cómo podría impulsar tu solución esos cambios?

Technology has democratized the creation, distribution and consumption of information. In countries like India where 70% of its population lives in its rural heartlands, the digital divide is glaring. However, with an agenda to connect 250,000 panchayats via fibre optics and broadband by 2012, much of India’s underserved communities will become a part of the information society. ICT injects greater transparency in public service delivery. Those that don't adapt to serving their constituencies with transparency and integrity will face natural extinction.

El fracaso no es siempre una opción. Si tu solución no funciona en los dos próximos años, ¿qué otras aplicaciones de la idea podrías investigar?

Having seen demonstrated success with the ZRN (including continued interest internationally), and early signs of meaningful adoption of the Online Corruption Reporting Tool, we are confident that these tools have potential to be game changers if proliferated and adopted on large scale. Platforms like WikiLeaks are a testament to demonstrated potential

Desarrolla la información proporcionada explicando la forma de mantenimiento de la financiación

Funding continues to be a challenge despite proof of impact and success we have seen on the ground as a direct result of our anti-corruption work. Many of our well-wishers who have who have helped sustain our efforts, have expressed a desire to maintain anonymity, symptomatic of fear of the forces within the system that could potentially implicate them for supporting the anti-corruption cause. While fund-raising still remains a fire-fighting activity, impact multiplication and expansion plans will remain a challenge without sustained institutional support.

Cuéntanos sobre tus alianzas.

•Partnered with Transparency International to host the first anti-corruption Summit
•Partnered with Forum for Electoral Integrity/Election Commission of India to tackle electoral corruption, monitor code of conduct & ensure integrity in the process during the TN State Assembly Elections, April 2011. The ruling party was washed out of the elections by a clean sweep reflective of the people’s will against corruption expressed through their votes
•Continued partnership with UNCAC to facilitate implementation of the anti-corruption conventions in India

¿Con qué clase de equipo (ej., personal laboral, voluntarios, etc.) tienes pensado alcanzar los objetivos de crecimiento identificados en la sección Impacto social?

In each state where we intend to operate, we need 3 team leads to manage 1) the anti-corruption programs & initiatives 2) program management with colleges and schools and 3) Vigilance coordination efforts and a network of dedicated volunteers committed to the anti-corruption cause, to execute programs in the field
We need a dedicated resource to monitor and track online corruption complaints and see it through remedial action

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Inversión, Talento y Recursos Humanos, Marketing y medios, Ayuda gratuita (de tipo legal, financiero, etc.).

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Colaboración y redes, Innovación e ideas.

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5th Pillar is very interested in collaborating with individuals/ organizations that have an interest/expertise/resources that can be mutually leveraged for anti-corruption work in India. 5th Pillar is also keen to inject the anti-corruption agenda within the context of other NGOs/participating organizations of the Ashoka network, to cultivate an operating ethic and code of conduct that espouses zero-tolerance to corruption in the context of their individual missions being pursued.

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5th Pillar represents THE PEOPLE who seek freedom from corruption by transforming people power into 'social capital'.