Descubre y comparte la verdadera historia en un bit a la vez

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Descubre y comparte la verdadera historia en un bit a la vez

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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
$50,000 - $100,000
Resumen del Proyecto
Presentación del Proyecto!

Resumen conciso: Ayúdenos a presentar esta solución! Proporcione una explicación en 3 o 4 frases cortas.

Todos juegan un papel en la creación, validación y extensión de una gran historia con bits de información que conocen.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

The true story of any social event is a complex and changing network of information bites. These include events, people, places, reasons why things happen, dates and times, etc. Putting this together collaboratevely today takes time and happens away from where things are happening. Each person can share or validate little bits of the story but nowadays there is no way to do this collaboratively and in real time. The real problem is that the story closest to the reality lies in the hands of a distributed group of people that may or may not know each other without a way to converge or revolve around the truth.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

Our solution offers a way for everyone, anywhere, to send a short message relevant to what's going on around them. This information bites are collected and curated into a structured "mini-wikipedia" of places, events, causalities, and consequences. Anybody can act both as a journalist or as a curator, by expanding, complementing or contradicting each bite of information. People can also confirm or deny information pieces based on their observation or beliefs.
Impact: How does it Work

Ejemplo: Guíenos a través de un ejemplo/s específico/s de cómo esta solución hace la diferencia; incluya sus actividades principales.

Citizens in the field would interact with the system through SMS, Twitter, email or even voice calls. A dialog between citizens and the system would go like this. A Citizen in Libya starts by sending a text message to a local phone number with "NATO is bombing civilian buildings". The system will reply with a message confirming the reception and will ask for more information about when, why, what happened before or after in short, individual messages. The citizen could also add additional bites of information at his own will. In parallel the system would send this new information bite to other users in Libya asking "Is it true that NATO is bombing civilian buildings?". People can then confirm or deny the information and can also contribute with additional bites, like exact date, place, consequences or reasons. The result is a web of information bites, validated or refuted individually by the community. This allows a more nuanced understanding and exploration of the situation. This information can be queried by the citizens themselves through text messages, etc. or could also be navigated via the web and also used by mainstream journalists to understand and influence the information requests.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

This is a new kind of service that could built upon the collective experience of social interactions that have happened are evolving around things like Wikipedia, Twitter, Ushahidi, SwiftRiver, etc. As far as we know there is no way right now to evolve a picture of the truth made of bites of information contributed and validated by a distributed group of citizens and journalists. This idea combines the notion of a Wiki (crowdsourced knowledge), the network model of Twitter (people contributing information, others subscribed to topics/people) with a novel concept of validation and extension of information by citizens themselves.
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Sigue en fase conceptual, pero se espera que se lance pronto.

Impacto social
HISTORIA DE FONDO: queremos conocer tu momento de inspiración. Comparte con nosotros la historia del lugar y el momento en que el fundador o los fundadores llegaron a la conclusión de que su solución podría cambiar el mundo.

While working in crowd sourcing information in Haiti, we realized that the picture of the situation does not lie in the hands of any individual. We were helping thousands of citizens get information based on data from journalist stringers, who went at great pains in understanding the situation in port au prince and missed nuances that were only apparent after the fact. The citizens knew these aspects all along and if we only had had a better way to have people collaboratively build the picture of the situation in the camps, the journalists would have had better information and events like the rapid spread of cholera could have been mitigated better.

Seeing the use of social media tools in the recent events in Middle East, was a confirmation that a tool like this was worth exploring.

Especifica tanto el alcance como la escala del impacto social de tu solución hasta la fecha.

This idea is new, but our experience in Haiti shows that information in the hand of citizens causes up to 85% behavior change.

¿Qué impacto esperas que tenga tu iniciativa en los próximos 1-5 años? ¿Es una idea aplicable a otros ámbitos? En caso afirmativo, ¿cómo se podría aplicar?

Our idea is global in scale and tools exist to create channels (text messages, voice, twitter, etc.) in different countries in easy and fast ways. The impact in each instance will depend on the situation, but will generally consist of a better collective knowledge of a story as it unfolds - including seeing divergent opinions, misinformation and gaps.

Las mejores iniciativas presentan un plan sólido para su crecimiento. Identifica tu indicador a seis meses para incrementar tu impacto.

Have a prototype validated in a community setting

Tareas a 6 meses
Tarea 1

Design and prototype including field user experience tests

Tarea 2

Prioritize and integrate communication channels such as twitter, voice, sms, etc.

Tarea 3

Run a pilot in 2 communities where filling knowledge gaps can have an impact

Ahora piensa en los objetivos a más largo plazo. Identifica tu objetivo de impacto a doce meses.

Have this tool in the hands of anybody that wants to use it and have active usage in 3 countries

Tareas a 12 meses
Tarea 1

Release a stable and usable version of the tool. Define impact metrics.

Tarea 2

Create a communications and "marketing" plan for journalists and social media

Tarea 3

Support a community of users and interested parties and evolve the tool in agile ways.

¿Cuántas personas han sido afectadas por el proyecto?

Menos de 100

¿Cuántas personas podrían verse afectadas por el proyecto en los próximos tres años?

Más de 10,000

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¿Qué obstáculos han dificultado el éxito de tu proyecto hasta la fecha? ¿Cómo tienes pensado superar estos y otros obstáculos al ir desarrollando tu solución?

We are still in the idea stage. We don't foresee any infrastructure issues. We think the biggest challenge is creating a good user experience and this can be mitigated by interaction design and rapid prototyping processes.

¿Cómo valoras el cambio en los sectores de medios de comunicación y tecnología de la información en la próxima década? ¿Cómo se adaptará tu solución a este entorno cambiante? ¿Cómo podría impulsar tu solución esos cambios?

We see that the trends in the media sector have gone from centralized generated and mainstream distributed knowledge to a model where citizens are contributors of the journalistic process but the information is still built and curated by centralized entities. This next step we propose, involves a complete de-centralized process where each citizen can play any role ranging from reporting, validated and extending shared knowledge which can then be shared with the rest of the world.

El fracaso no es siempre una opción. Si tu solución no funciona en los dos próximos años, ¿qué otras aplicaciones de la idea podrías investigar?

We fail fast. We would not go on for 2 years before realizing that the idea needs adjustments and by having a constant presence in the field we expect to learn patterns and pitfalls to help us evolve the concept.

Desarrolla la información proporcionada explicando la forma de mantenimiento de la financiación

We believe we would create a valuable source of information that could tap into media revenue streams. We would have to do the market analysis, but one could imagine paid subscriptions by mainstream media who want to ask specific questions or validate facts.

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Discover and share the true story one bite at a time. Everyone helps create, extend and validate the story.