Women and youth in Guatemala, uniting the world with the media.

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Women and youth in Guatemala, uniting the world with the media.

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$1,000 - $10,000
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Apply the right of expression, dignifying the youth and women as social citizens, filling their need to express themselves.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

Improvements in communication are urgent. In Guatemala, with 14 million in habitants, only 2.28 million (16.8%) are Internet and 68% have never used it. (Latinobarómetro 2010) 85% of world's youth live in developing countries with fear of speaking, because they have suffered persecution, without being heard or their own parents, loneliness and low self-esteem suffer. Most of them end up in alcoholism, drug addiction and violence Freedom of speech is violated by the disappearance of journalists and community leaders. Low classes hold street demonstrations to be heard, increasing the ongoing violence. The media does not tell the truth and hides all of these situations. Young people, as "consumers" and not as social subjects, live resentful causing massacres like Virginia Tech and Columbine High School.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

Innovative method to solve the problem using direct communication and globalize stories. Will be released in traditional media, allowing free expression of citizens, paying sponsored advertising space in exchange for brand presence and tax advantages. The classes will be heard and this will lower levels of anxiety and satisfy their need to express themselves, increasing their self-esteem. Attract attention and affection of others who share their own dramas and establish communication links between them. As a reaction, an avalanche of messages in viral media and web sites will be triggered and captured by traditional means looking to Organize a Better World ® with Google Alerts, for example, raising its rating and pleasing advertisers. As a consequence, many bonds will be created between people in different countries. The communication system will be replicated and spread even more.
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Replicating the pilot plan that the NGO “Organize a Better World ®” conducted during 2008-2009, free events will be hosted to encourage free communication. These will take place in three institutes and three women's organizations in Guatemala City. In this way, groups of students will be able to express their conflicts freely, which will be later compiled and published in the media business and institutional sponsorship. With the application of direct communication, a lot of obstacles will be removed. This is because actually, the journalist communication is biased and does not explain the real causes that motivate the problems we face. The records will be text, radio and video recordings for lay people and not politicians, inviting teachers and parents associations for review, giving excellent opportunities to improve communication with their children. The audience will respond causing a chain reaction of feedback, exponentially increasing communication that, when transferred, will encourage all citizens to participate by adding messages. Corrupt politicians and drug dealers will no longer dominate through fear of speaking, reducing the trafficking and sexual slavery of children.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

The big difference with blogs and websites is these are visited by people who already know them or have heard about them. Traditional media are popular, and free to users. They are posted on the Web and seen by different audiences. This will contribute to globalize the idea. Moreover, as the sponsors will pay, the space needed will be available. Google and search engines will collaborate as well, linking the idea with the media, to replicate it in any country in the world, universities and more. This will contribute and play a key role in spreading the word and globalizing the project.
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My initiative to publish the dramas of youth and women born from my book "The Mysterious Forbidden Garden" ©, where the characters become a spokesmen of the message to help his friends get off drugs, testing for workshops with NGOs Organize Better World ®, where more than 1,500 students expressed their need for communication with drama. They said:
"It depresses me as I am and not knowing how valued and loved after he raped me ... (18) No one cares to see what I want, I'll never be happy ... NEVER ... (17 years) I feel lonely, my mother left me and say I'm weird because I like dark things. LIVE SUICIDE (14) I feel lonely because I have not anyone of trust to tell him my stuff and my mom says I'm no good with insults and abuses to me. "(15 years).

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It begins in three public schools and three women's organizations in Guatemala City, benefiting more than 3,000 young people and an equal number of indirect beneficiaries (parents) who disclose to the world their feelings and thoughts and, with enthusiasm, enjoy the process by multiplying the project because they feel useful filling your existential vacuum with objectives.
Giving voice to popular classes, demanding the right to free speech beginning a new era of communication with a population of nearly 14 million people, only in this country, denouncing the social reality for the citizens themselves, creating an exponential growth incalculable.
The link the viral media with the traditionals, is solving the limited opinion spaces that is in currently. Producers will benefit with a new materials to develop programs with human values and the public will leave the tedious routine of refried programs without content, and they be surprised with the essence of intimate human dramas.

¿Qué impacto esperas que tenga tu iniciativa en los próximos 1-5 años? ¿Es una idea aplicable a otros ámbitos? En caso afirmativo, ¿cómo se podría aplicar?

The innovative system of open communication will encourage greater flow of testimonials from all sorts of worldwide audience, both in traditional media like the Internet, causing many people to locate through Google Alerts and other search engines, introducing a Better World Organize and buying franchises be replicated throughout the world, expanding geographical coverage.
Increase the production of new cultural products such as documentaries for display in schools and colleges excited students to become active as multipliers, as well as novels, films and television content that will give new meaning social programs of entertainment, globalizing.

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Intervention in three public schools and three women's organizations in Guatemala City, promoting the right to freedom of expres

Tareas a 6 meses
Tarea 1

Management to enroll the internships university students and give training to them, in coordination with NGO.

Tarea 2

Management with institute's principals and women's organizations to obtain the approval intervention inside the installations.

Tarea 3

Management sponsors to press conference to launch the project, literature and publications.

Ahora piensa en los objetivos a más largo plazo. Identifica tu objetivo de impacto a doce meses.

Publication in viral and traditional media, expanding geographic coverage featuring documentaries from the interviews.

Tareas a 12 meses
Tarea 1

Increasing the volume of diffusion by alliances with social media and sponsorships for business media.

Tarea 2

Implement the system for more college students for internships.

Tarea 3

Edit the interviews for motivational and educational documentaries under sponsorship, presenting in schools.

¿Cuántas personas han sido afectadas por el proyecto?

1,001 - 10,000

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Más de 10,000

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Entidad sin ánimo de lucro

¿Qué obstáculos han dificultado el éxito de tu proyecto hasta la fecha? ¿Cómo tienes pensado superar estos y otros obstáculos al ir desarrollando tu solución?

The pilot of NGOs made ​​in past years, with more than 1,500 students worked, did not follow due to lack of funding. Facilitators were withdrawn for economic reasons. There was no sponsorship whatsoever. However, they have strengths and authorizations from the Ministry of Education, to edit material and experience workshops in schools.
Strategic alliances with universities to provide internships, provide facilitators. Social media provide free communication and a new management plan sponsors providing an opportunity to promote products with tax benefits to pay for publications and events, ensuring long term sustainability, injecting resources and the project viable.

¿Cómo valoras el cambio en los sectores de medios de comunicación y tecnología de la información en la próxima década? ¿Cómo se adaptará tu solución a este entorno cambiante? ¿Cómo podría impulsar tu solución esos cambios?

In keeping with United Nations Program: Action for Youth, "Youth may be the solution, not just their problems, but other important issues facing the world today," awareness and motivation to be agents of change, rather than bystanders, says the exponential growth of the project, it will add the ideas and concerns of youth, along with some contributions from their relatives and contacts.

El fracaso no es siempre una opción. Si tu solución no funciona en los dos próximos años, ¿qué otras aplicaciones de la idea podrías investigar?

This project can easily strengthen socio-economic benefits issues that give a solid foundation, without losing its primary goal, increasing the flow of media communications for prevention of alcoholism, drug abuse and consequences such as violence, gangs and HIV-AIDS and Education Sustainable Development, promoting environmentalism, promoting art and entrepreneurship achieving further revenue for long-term sustainability and utilities for the benefit.

Desarrolla la información proporcionada explicando la forma de mantenimiento de la financiación

The NGO activities to date have been done by volunteers and costs incurred by personal contributions.

To date costs have been met by contributions from members of NGOs, but for this project was prompted mainly sponsored by organizations and companies in exchange for mention of trade and tax breaks, distributed as follows.
(53%) to the project costs
(17%) Administrative expenses
(30%) Operating costs

Cuéntanos sobre tus alianzas.

It has the support of NGO's organize a Better World and seek alliances with universities and social media.

¿Con qué clase de equipo (ej., personal laboral, voluntarios, etc.) tienes pensado alcanzar los objetivos de crecimiento identificados en la sección Impacto social?

Volunteers, college internships as part of their professional practice and NGO Organize a Better World staff supervised.

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Colaboración y redes, Innovación e ideas.

Explica con más detalle las necesidades u ofertas que has mencionado anteriormente o sugiere categorías de apoyo no especificadas en la lista

Considering that state funds do not handle or have the resources, financial support is required for international cooperation and advice for sponsorships, marketing techniques, opening the means by social service around the world and qualified volunteers to increase geographical coverage. As an entrepreneur, I can help with innovative ideas.

Define tu empresa, programa, producto o servicio con una o dos frases breves

Empower women's and youth, herding and not feeling alone, filling his empty existence, making them increasing their self-esteem.