Kids Today - Tomorrow´s Social Entrepreneurs

Kids Today - Tomorrow´s Social Entrepreneurs

Elche, EspañaElche, España
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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
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$10,000 - $50,000
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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativity and courage to solve problems.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

Most education systems impose a way of thinking and seeing the world on students, only focusing on evaluations on paper and grades. Later most of these students follow the only model they were taught: Finding a job in a company or to try and get a job in a public administration (independently from what title or potential they possess). Now, in times of crisis, there are not enough jobs and countries need innovative and creative people to change the situation. Only thing, people were never shown how to believe in themselves, their talents, their creativity and their skills to be independent and solve problems.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

We want to start an educational campaign, giving workshops in schools directed to children aged 10 to 12 and introduce creativity, innovation, leadership and social responsibility into class rooms using the concept of a "Social Entrepreneur". By introducing and promoting entrepreneurial spirit and social awareness among children who are still in their psychological and emotional development, long term, will create a society that will be able to face their problems with efficiency and effectiveness. One of the key exercises is going to be to form groups of 3 to 5 kids, present them a concrete social problem and ask them to find creative solutions (encouraging them not to think in money or technology difficulties)and then analyze and discuss the solutions in class.
Impact: How does it Work

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In our association we work cultural topics with children, have students doing internships with us and work integration, social journalism, social entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility through our social communication medias TEGI –Social Communication Medias. So we have a lot of contact with all type of people and all type of ages. The crisis is hitting Europe and especially Spain very hard, having the highest unemployed rate and the second highest rate of people that do not finish basic education. We observed the desperation and helplessness within all kind of different social groups. Our goal is helping to prevent that a situation like this does not happen again in the future. Therefore we cannot give a specific example as such. Based on our experiences and talks with diferente people we developed this program with the help of a psychologist. Our conclusion was, that the best way to make a change is somebody´s behavior is to start teaching them when they are still young and in emotional and psychological development. With this campaign we want to enable kids to take responsible decisions, believe in themselves, their skills and talents, so that they learn that can make a difference, change the world and do not have to depend on governments, companies or other institutions to be able to work, live and find happiness.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

We have not found so far a company, foundation etc. with the same intentions as ours. There are programs from other foundations that have programs directed to children in schools, but their main focus is to motivate children towards entrepreneurships. Our focus, lays not only entrepreneurship but as well on social responsibility and the ability to believe in themselves and their skills and talents. We think that to change a whole system it takes a lot of people that unite and take real actions. We talk about education, not about a good or service to sell. Our biggest challenge in the market is to find sponsors and supporters that are visionaries like us.
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Asociación TATEIJU España
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B. Venegas

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Asociación TATEIJU España

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, AC, Elche

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An educational campaign designed to advance kid´s self-confidence, social awareness and creativity and courage to solve problems.

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Promoting social entrepreneurship, it´s importance and benefits to kids, seeking to make an impact on them that they will want to follow

Impacto social
¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de la solución hasta la fecha?

This campaign is intended to be launched by April 2012.

¿Cuál es tu impacto proyectado para los próximos 1-3 años?

Year 1: We intend to attend minimum 50 classes in the Spanish states: Valencian Community, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha and the cities Madrid and Barcelona.
Year 2: To attend 100 classes all over Spain.
Year 3: To attend 100 classes in Spain and 50 classes abroad.

¿Qué barreras pueden dificultar el éxito de tu proyecto? ¿Cómo planean superarlas?

Our main barrier is the lack of financial resources. At the moment we are working on an internet campaign to raise funds and we are visiting companies presenting our project in order to find sponsors.

It could be mentioned as well the possible barrier of fitting our program of workhops into the school schedules. But in our experience that we made with other school campaigns that we held, is that as long as it is free of charge for the school and the kids, there is no problem.

Las iniciativas ganadoras presentan un plan fuerte de cómo van a alcanzar y realizar un seguimiento del crecimiento. Identifica tus metas a seis meses para el crecimiento de tu impacto

To find sponsors to cover expenses and start our campaign in the first 50 classes

Identifica tres grandes tareas que tendrás que completar para llegar a las metas de seis meses.
Tarea 1

Campaign to find sponsors through Internet, Social Networks, Crowdfunding and traditional visits of companies

Tarea 2

Contact at least 50 schools in the Valencian Community, present our campaign and concrete possible dates

Tarea 3

Host 25 workshops in 25 different classes

¡Ahora piensa en grande! Identifica tu meta de impacto a 12 meses.

To secure funding and expand our campaign to at least two more spanish states and the cities Madrid and Barcelona

Identifica tres grandes tareas que tendrás que completar para llegar a tu meta de impacto a 12 meses
Tarea 1

To maintain and expand the campaign to find sponsors through Internet, Social Networks, Crowdfunding and visits of companies

Tarea 2

To contact at least 50 schools more and hold presentations mín 30 different more classes

Tarea 3

To start contacting schools abroad: England, USA

Historia de la fundación: Queremos saber acerca del momento en el que hiciste "¡Ajá!". Comparte la historia de dónde y cuándo el/los fundador(es) vio (vieron) el potencial de esta solución para cambiar el mundo.

TEGI-Social Communication Medias was founded in 2009 by Gabriel B. Venegas. TEGI is an information tool (printed magazine, webpage and online radio station) to promote and educate about multiculturalism, to motivate, inspire and advice our audience to create their own projects and businesses, following their passion and using their talents.
The economical crisis in the news as well as on the street is the main topic here in Spain already now for 3 years straight. One of our goals is to encourage social entrepreneurship but people are scared (related information: So we were thinking that the key to prevent situations like this, is to prepare and stimulate kids to think out of the box: To have the self-confidence to be proactive, to confront problems and to always act social responsible.

Cuéntanos sobre tus alianzas.

We believe 100 percent in the power of networking. Our main alliances are with other associations and alternative Communication Medias.
The foundation Juán-Perán Pikolinos has helped us financially with a lot of our projects and in addition ceded the offices we are currently working in.

¿Qué tipo de equipo (personal, voluntarios, etc.) te asegurará que logres las metas de crecimiento identificadas en la sección de Impacto social/i>?

At the moment TEGI has two full-time unpayed staff members, Gabriel B. Venegas, director of TEGI and Cornelia Wojcik, Deputy Director of TEGI and 26 volunteers all over the world (1 person that helps us with the funding (10 to 12h/week). The other volunteers help us in punctual events and especially by writing for our Medias.

Por favor, pon en claro las necesidades u ofertas que hayas mencionado anteriormente y/o sugiere categorías de apoyo que no están especificadas en la lista

We are always glad to share our experiences with others and create connections and alliances.
We are seeking for contacts, funding and volunteers are always welcome as well.


Este gran proyecto ayudará a trasmitir a los niños valores como el trabajo en equipo, luchar por lo que crees, capacidad de tranformación que todos y cada uno tenemos y que a veces la situación nos invita a dejar en el olvido. Desde aquí mi enhorabuena a Gabriel por ser consciente de que los niños son los agentes del cambio del mañana!

Proyecto más que necesario a día de hoy. Permitir abrir las mentes de las/os más pequeños/as al emprendimiento social, a la responsabilidad Social y empoderarlos/as en la transformación social es la vía. Gracias por impulsar este proyecto!

Este Proyecto contribuye en gran manera a incentivar el espíritu emprendedor en los niños, quienes serán en el mañana, los grandes motores de cambio. Felicitaciones por esta hermosa iniciativa y mucho éxito.

Imagen de Cornelia Wojcik

Great project! I love the approach. we need to teach our kids entrepreneurial spirit so they can be our leaders of tomorrow!

Gabriel, extraordinaria iniciativa. No estoy en España como sabes pero viendo mi país desde aquí, lo que estás imaginando es simplemente perfecto. I'm getting crazy this days trying to figure out how to plant seeds from here in that direction. It's just a great idea. Si se te ocurren formas de que pueda colaborar desde aquí de alguna manera, no dejes de contactarme. Mucha suerte!

Congratulations. This is an extraordinary idea. I like so much the fact that kids must look for a solution to a problem without thinking first about money! It´s like a way to teach to pursue and work for an idea. And, definitely, ideas change the world.
I hope you find support to execute it!!!