PAZalobien -Peacebuilding through ART

PAZalobien -Peacebuilding through ART

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Sin fines de lucro / ONG / Sector Civil
Etapa del Proyecto:
$1,000 - $10,000
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We, at Mi Sangre are aware that it is essential to build a culture of peace, where empathy and respect for the difference prevails.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

The problem is the violence in Colombia which has been an ongoing issue for more than 60 years. There has always been an excuse and new actors appearing in the dynamics of the conflict. We can name it negligence of the State, drug dealing, poverty, corruption, violation of human rights, among others and a number of different actors such as guerrilla, paramilitary groups, drug cartels, the Army, Criminal Bands, etc. Colombia is one of the countries that have the highest number of displaced people, extrajudicial killings, forced disappearances and abductions. It ranks the second with victims of Antipersonnel Mines, just to name some of the problems that evidence a rupture in the social network.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

When a country experiences this type of scenario, the solution goes beyond political and economic will. It is about transforming the culture of violence to a culture based on values, respect, empathy, love and creativity. And the way to foster these conditions is through the type of education that ALLOWS and CONNECTS instead of BANNING and DISCONNECTING. Our education for peace through the arts program allows active participation, creation, transformation, enjoyment, movement and play within a framework of respect and inclusion. It allows and promotes connection with our emotions, our peers and the community as whole. In this way, we are promoting and implementing a peace building strategy: education through ARTS where Children and youth are trained to understand and care about the others and to act as agents of change
Impact: How does it Work

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Our model works at three levels: public schools (teachers and students), youth groups and significant adults. We believe in the power of art as a mechanism for social transformation. Art enhances creativity; it stimulates brain connections that generate empathy. Art promotes dialogue and participation. Through art, we can communicate the state of our body and mind, and we learn to develop respectful and assertive relationships. Art allows us to learn by doing. As an example a session starts with self-regulation activities; all students are seated in a circle instead of being behind each other in lines, including the professor. Circularity plays an important role in terms of creating horizontal relations, allowing all to look at each other and developing a sense of belonging to something bigger. The facilitators allow the time and space without saying a word for students to be quite and paying attention to what it is going to be said. The results have been very powerful. They learn the importance of self-regulation because they feel and understand their role in allowing something bigger happening. During the creative meetings a specific topic is chosen by the participants and professor guided by the facilitators and it is analyzed through any of the 7 art expressions. In this way participants learn by doing, learn in a fun way and learn from their desires. For instance, as they are creating a play, they are learning to listen to others, to respect their views and to feel how the others feel. Art allows them to connect to others and to feel as part of something bigger.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

Others working to address education to peacebuilding are the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, The Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), Colombian Agency for Reintegration, Grassroots Organizations that work to prevent children and youth bonding to illegal activities through education in art and culture, schools and other NGOs. The difference in our work is the use of art as a means of social transformation and the conviction that victims of the violence have the power to become agents of change. The challenge is to work with all these organizations together to grow our impact. We believe that alliances (with public and private organizations) are necessary to make the work more powerful, with greater coverage and impact.
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We, at Mi Sangre are aware that it is essential to build a culture of peace, where empathy and respect for the difference prevails.

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Art,victims=agents of change, creative power of children and youth, creation of alliances.

Impacto social
¿Cuál ha sido el impacto de la solución hasta la fecha?

We have provided with tools for transformation to more than 53.089 children and youth becoming peace builders in their communities. In addition to this, and taking into consideration the multiplying effect of our methodologies we have reached more than 168.887 Colombians. We have contributed to healing the wounds of 2.434 children and youth victims of violence through our psychological accompaniment program, which at the same time has reached more than 10.202 Colombians in similar circumstances.

¿Cuál es tu impacto proyectado para los próximos 1-3 años?

Our aim is to reach 20.000 children and youth directly with our projects and over 110.000 Colombians with the multiplying effect. Additionally, we plan to create awareness in more than 20.000.000 people about the situation of children and youth living in violent contexts and the importance to protect them from joining illegal activities and the conflict.

¿Qué barreras pueden dificultar el éxito de tu proyecto? ¿Cómo planean superarlas?

-Conflict areas that we have trouble to access. The contingency plan is to establish alliances with local governments that ensure the accessibility to these areas.
-Difficulty of professors to adapt to a new and innovative methodology. We have experienced this before and the best ways to overcome it is by having them implementing the methodology with their students and experience the results
-3. Difficulty with families and parents that do not provide an appropriate environment to raise their children and are reluctant to be part of the project. In these cases it is very important to work jointly with the Principal and professors of the schools to take advantage of the compulsory school meetings to sensitize parents on the importance of counting with them as part of the process

Las iniciativas ganadoras presentan un plan fuerte de cómo van a alcanzar y realizar un seguimiento del crecimiento. Identifica tus metas a seis meses para el crecimiento de tu impacto
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Tarea 1

Adjust the methodology based in the experience from the previous year and have it systematized.

Tarea 2

Align the methodology used with children with professors/adults and youth groups

Tarea 3

Project Impact Evaluation.

¡Ahora piensa en grande! Identifica tu meta de impacto a 12 meses.

Provide educative tools based on art to stregthen empathy and avoid violence in 2.362 children, 150 youth, 370 adults.

Identifica tres grandes tareas que tendrás que completar para llegar a tu meta de impacto a 12 meses
Tarea 1

Publish the methodology and establish certification courses for professors as part of their pedagogical training

Tarea 2

The methodology is incorporated in the school calendar of the public schools.

Tarea 3

A community of peace that allows visibility of children through journeys of peace, fairs, exchanges, etc

Historia de la fundación: Queremos saber acerca del momento en el que hiciste "¡Ajá!". Comparte la historia de dónde y cuándo el/los fundador(es) vio (vieron) el potencial de esta solución para cambiar el mundo.

The aha moment was to realize that the victims were not only victims but potential agents of change. We were seeing them only as the problem when they can be the real solution, an enormous power for change!!!

Cuéntanos sobre tus alianzas.

The Power of Mi Sangre comes from all those who share with us the idea that change is possible:
Civil society organizations, national and foreign universities, national and multinational companies, national and international public entities.

¿Qué tipo de equipo (personal, voluntarios, etc.) te asegurará que logres las metas de crecimiento identificadas en la sección de Impacto social/i>?

The following Units at Mi Sangre work in coordination to achieve the proposed results:
Technical Unit (Project management and operation)
Commercial Unit (Alliances and awareness through products and events)
Financial Unit (Optimization of resources, donations management and financial reports)
Communications Unit (Image positioning, demonstrates viable alternatives for peace building)
We work with national and international volunteers to support our activities in each unit and offer an experience to enrich their work in their contexts.

Por favor, pon en claro las necesidades u ofertas que hayas mencionado anteriormente y/o sugiere categorías de apoyo que no están especificadas en la lista

Pazalobien, is a project that needs at least 3 years of implementation to ensure that behavioral changes in children, youth and adults are achieved in the three project areas that we have been working since 2011. In order to do this it would be convenient to receive more financial resources.