Maquipucuna & Chocó Andes: Geo-tourism & certification of origin protecting the Earth’s top hotspots

Maquipucuna & Chocó Andes: Geo-tourism & certification of origin protecting the Earth’s top hotspots

Nanegal, Ecuador
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Maquipucuna’s mission is unfolding on the Chocó Andean Corridor - northwest Ecuador, recognized internationally as one of the Earth’s most biodiverse regions under the highest threat of destruction. With about 50% of Ecuador’s plant and bird diversity, or about 2% of the plant and almost 10% of the bird diversity of the world at risk, the region requires extreme innovative conservation measures. Its diversity of ecosystems from the Andes to the sea requires forest connectivity for viability. Diverse sustainable production strategies in the Corridor, from shade-grown cacao in the lowlands to shade-grown coffee in the mountains, and ecotourism throughout the region provide critical ...

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