Mental Care for street children in India

Mental Care for street children in India

Barcelona, SpainBarcelona, Spain
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$10,000 - $50,000
Resumen del Proyecto
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We are training caregivers in charge of children and youth at the orphanages and assistance centers in India. Training provides mental health tools to help them coping with children and young with very traumatic background and help them on their psychosocial rehabilitation. Training and psychological assistance to the children is highly demanded in a context of social exclusion.

About Project

Problema: ¿Qué problema está tratando de abordar este proyecto?

The problem consists on insufficient knowledge on mental health tools to prevent and provide intervention and assistance. Our target population on the first stage of the Project, already in process, includes all children hosted in Don Bosco orphanages plus street children attending assistances centers. Caregivers in charge of their assistance require training on standardised mental health tools to grant their emotional and psychosocial rehabilitation. The amount of children increases every day and they present all kind of traumatic scenarios such as sexual abuses, labour exploitation, different addictions, mental disorders and a general affective deprivation. That shows the real need to be assisted in a professional way at both levels, individual and community oriented.

Solución: cuál es la solución propuesta? Por favor sé específico!

1. Training programmes and workshops for the staff in Don Bosco, Certificates will be issued. 2. Production of handbooks and teaching resources. 3. Creation of an e-learning platform providing the contents and teaching resources that have been created; links and interesting references to deepen on every subject; an application for sharing the workshop experiences; a forum to allow general supervision of individual and group cases. 4. Workshops and educational activities on social skills for children and young. 5. Individual diagnosis and follow-up of their development. 6. Individual and group supervision with the caregivers. 7. Designing community oriented Psychological interventions. 8. International network of professionals.
Impact: How does it Work

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A global conception of children's health necessarily includes mental health approach. Children have material needs but they also have the right to be cared for and encouraged to belong to their communities. Restoring in them the sense of identity, affection, protection, empowerment, belonging will allow them to step out of their social exclusion. Many have lost parents, experienced deprivation and abuse, or have been stigmatised or suffered overwhelming grief. We need to provide love, care and protection and this requires the appropriate mental health tools. We wish to encourage their tremendous potential to build strong and productive communities, to achieve their resilience and move beyond their traumatic backgrounds.

Impacto: ¿Cuál ha sido el impacto del trabajo hasta ahora? Asimismo, describa el impacto previsto en el futuro para los próximos años.

167 participants in 6 workshops with caregivers and 7 programmed for 2013. 37 children being assisted. 70 children attending workshops on social skills. Training is oriented to staff of Don Bosco, although we invite other attendants from other institutions in specific workshops. Responsible and caregivers of Don Bosco have expressed their satisfaction with the seminars and training already provided and have insisted on the importance to keep and increase the list of trainings as long as fulfill new ideas of intervention to be provided by professionals. Children and young of Don Bosco expressed their enthusiasm and always ask for more visits and programmes. They are very happy to find a space for individual and group care , a space where they are named and listened and reminded of their potential and value. This is a healing effect by itself. Other institutions in India, companies in India and Europe and professionals of the health mental care have expressed their interest in participating. Local and Spanish media have reported and invited us to present our project. The ultimate impact of the project is the promotion of social inclusion of a vast amount of children and young by achieving their psychosocial rehabilitation and empowerment providing resilience tools. The project aims to awake global awareness on their potential as future actors in their communities.

Plan de Sustentabilidad Financiera: ¿Cuál es el plan para asegurar la sostenibilidad financiera de esta solución?

In the short term (1 year): • Creation of the non-profit organization and promoting the international network. Note: the project has started with Alkimia CRS that will lead the project but giving space to more participants in a bigger organization. • Design of the IT platform and increasing the network. In the mid-term (3 years): • Completing a global training in Don Bosco for caregivers, children and young of Don Bosco. • Compile training resources and publish them (handbook and IT platform) • Consolidating new alliances with other actors creating new opportunities to the young of Don Bosco and professional exchange of psychologists.

Mercado: ¿Quién mas está abordando el problema aquí descrito ? ¿Cómo difiere el proyecto propuesto de esos enfoques?

Our project is based on collaboration instead of competition. Since its a new service to be provided to the target population, psychological support for children in Indian orphanages and assistance centers, we can only hope to find other professionals rendering similar services. We would eventually collaborate with them exchanging knowledge and experiences. This is a win - win programme where potential competitors can only add value to the global proposal and will be invited to get involved in our professional and academic network.

Historia fundacional

We could never forget Arun, a three year old boy living in the slums, with a sad and disoriented look in his eyes. Arun, had been abused… Upon our return to Barcelona, we began to move guided by that look in his eyes, dreaming with a project that today presents psychosocial wellbeing to street children and youngsters in India.
Nombre de la organización

Alkimia Consulting

Sobre ti
Sobre ti

Ms. Olga Martin


Ms. Marita Solá

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Explica de qué se trata la “innovación”, por ej.: ¿es la idea y/o el modelo que utilizas para lograr tu misión, o tu comprensión sobre la población objetivo, etc.?

INNOVATION on the IDEA and MODEL: Extending health care of street children of India, including Mental Health Care.

A countless amount of children population in India live in the streets and seek for shelter in orphanages and assistance centers. They come from different scenarios: abandoned and orphaned children, sexually abused or exploited in many ways, addicted to drugs, begging children.

We are conscious of the great need of integration of mental health care; while providing answers to the constant increase of mental disorders. We are implementing substantial changes that prioritize prevention and early intervention; through education in mental health and psychological support.

Don Bosco, a registered Charitable Organization in India, asked us for urgent training actions and cooperation to ensure proper assistance. Educators and social helpers in general lack the knowledge on mental health problems. They need psychosocial educative programmes to recover their emotional and psychosocial wellbeing.

INNOVATION on the Understanding on the TARGET POPULATION

Beyond their material needs, we need to provide strong systems around children and youth to build their resilience and help them move beyond their social exclusion, empowering them to become real actors of their communities.


Creation of an international professional network cooperating with national mental health professionals on the exchange of Knowledge.

Describe cómo se diferencia tu modelo de innovación en el campo, respecto al de cualquier otra organización.

Institutions in India working in the field, such as orphanages and assistance centers, are overwhelmed covering primary needs and lack technical knowledge to attend essential mental health aspects. Expanding their scope will contribute to the real recovery of their emotional, psychosocial wellbeing and social rehabilitation.

In providing technical leadership by creating a sustainable network of international professional cooperation, between local professionals in Mental Health and from abroad, generating new IT platforms and pedagogic sources to be distributed all around India.

At a systemic level, creating new alliances between different actors to integrate this new assistance to global care of children.

¿Qué tipo de sistema operativo y factores internos de la organización hacen que tu innovación sea un éxito?

COUNTERPART - In the first stage of the project we work with a very solid and established institution in India, Don Bosco ( that ensures:

1.- Co-designing and implementing programs and workshops in a participative and more realistic way.
2.- Better value of the social impact and results by performing with a controlled target population.
3.- Transcending to other institutions and influence for new policies due to their alliances with Indian Government.

CERTIFIED TRAINING PROGRAMS & PEDAGOGIC MATERIAL - To be replicated to cover any other institution thank to the pedagogic platform created.

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK - Will support the project generating professional alliances of exchange of knowledge.

¿Cómo te aseguras que innovas constantemente a la luz de (potenciales) desafíos externos, o cuál es tu plan de crecimiento?

Innovation on psychological approach is guaranteed on a established network. Communication, evaluation and supervision between professionals will face every given challenge.

Training on Mental Health tools and training methodologies for caregivers is a claimed need and can always be replicated.

Creation of pedagogic sources in both formats, printed and IT, will be the tangible outcome that will benefit beyond our own limitations.

The International professional network will represent a new management model to invite new actors to the cooperation scenario from this particular psychosocial intervention scoop: professional bars, universities, public and private sector. We are now designing new proposals to conduct their interest and support.

País de la organización

, BA, Barcelona

Modelo de Negocios
Desafío sistémico que tratas de superar (selecciona sólo uno)

Brindar asistencia médica accesible a comunidades en los mercados emergentes.

Área de salud (mercado objetivo) donde se encuentra la necesidad (selecciona solo uno)

Otra Especialidad de cuidado

Categorías de la atención medica que estés cubriendo [selecciona todas las que correspondan]

Prevención, Detección, Intervención, Seguimiento, Cuidado a largo plazo, Integración social.

Etapa que mejor aplica para tu solución [selecciona sólo una]

Inicio (un piloto que recién ha comenzado a operar)

Estrategias centrales de tu modelo de negocios (selecciona todas las que correspondan]

Enfoques de cambio conductual a nivel individual, Diseño centrado en el paciente, Nuevos/redefinición de roles de prestaciones de servicio de atención de la salud, Nuevos enfoques de distribución de productos y servicios de salud, Alianzas alternativas (entre jugadores tradicionales y jugadores externos de la asistencia de la salud).

Por favor especificar
Herramientas más relevantes que estés utilizando para implementar las estrategias destacadas arriba [selecciona sólo dos]

Nuevas habilidades, Formación/capacitación.

Por favor especificar
¿Cuál es tu propuesta de valor?

Mental health support and training is an innovative field of international cooperation targeted in India and its globally perceived as a basic intervention.

Training programmes are designed together with learning methodologies to replicate them in the future increasing their impact and the outcomes will be spread through an IT platform, also offering follow-up and supervision.

Global perception of the psychological need stimulates support from professionals around the world. Many have offered their support and knowledge so we are creating an international network including professional bars, universities and institutes. This will allow constant interaction and exchange of knowledge plus professional assistance (through scholarship programmes, etc.)

¿Quiénes son los beneficiarios se los que se dirige tu trabajo?

Trainings and intervention programmes at the individual and community level are provided to staff and children at the 10 centers of Don Bosco in Bangalore and 5 centers in Cochin.

Other orphanages and institutions connected with Don Bosco have expressed their interest in the project. We plan future stages for further expansion. Don Bosco is our first counterpart and where the pilot has already started since June '10.

Don Bosco is very well established and provides a self-contained scenario for the pilot stage where the basic psychological tools will be standardised and the learning resources will be produced to be replicated in later stages.

¿Qué enfoques utilizas para llegar a ellos?

The kind of service we provide is highly demanded in other orphanages and assistance centers and institutions. As long as we develop alternative funding strategies based on new alliances with local and international actors and foster consolidation of the international network (universities, professional bars and other), we will be able to replicate the project in more institutions in India. We also hope to present the experience and get support from the Indian Government and scale it throughout the country. Don Bosco, very well-based with a solid reputation, seems to be a very convenient institution to reach the right influence.

¿Cuáles son tus actividades principales?

1. Certified training for caregivers in standardised mental health tools.
2. Targeted training programmes in specific topics.
3. Workshops for caregivers and training for the trainers.
4. Workshops for children and young on empowerment and social skills.
5. Individual diagnosis and follow -up of children.
6. Creation of training resources and IT platform.
7. Designing psychosocial community interventions.
8. Individual and group supervision.
9. Generate new alliances and programmes involving new actors and sectors.
10. Strengthen and broaden the international network of professional and academic sectors.
11. Collaboration with local psychologist to exchange knowledge and enrich the programmes and getting their involvement on the network.

¿Qué otros desafíos – individuales, organizacionales o ambientales – estás actualmente enfrentando o que podrían impedir el éxito futuro de tu emprendimiento y cómo planeas superarlos?

At this point, our next goal is to structure the training intervention in a complete list of topics and keep rendering individual assistance and follow up. Training resources will be compiled in a first handbook including basic mental health tools. The IT platform will also be created. We will create a specific registered non-profit organisation to operate and gather the international professional network.

Our main challenge consists in creating alternative ways of collaboration sustaining and expanding the network. Agreements with academic and professional institutions that are interested in creating new scholarships or assigning the existing ones to the project as well as create new professional opportunities.

Describe brevemente tu estrategia de crecimiento futura

We intend to consolidate first our pilot in orphanages hosted by Don Bosco, located in Cochin and Bangalore. We will replicate the experience in other institutions and regions of India in a second stage. The basic "product" is shaping in this pilot and the outcomes will be ready for further replication.

¿Qué dimensiones de crecimiento estás actualmente focalizando para tu innovación? [selecciona todas las que correspondan]

Nuevos clientes grupo/s, Nueva(s) región(es).

¿Qué hace que tu negocio esté “listo” para crecer?

We have a solid counterpart, a very well identified "need" and the necessary know-how to render the required assistance. We count on a big group of professionals interested in getting involved. Different actors from the public and private sector in India and abroad have expressed their interest in taking part of it.

¿Cuáles son tus objetivos centrales de crecimiento?

Consolidating our structure and going for new solid alliances with new agents and actors to increase the number of training interventions along the year and compile them, creating an IT platform for the international network.

País/es en los que opera la organización

, BA, Barcelona

Impacto social
¿Qué métodos cuantitativos de impacto social estás aplicando (si estuvieras aplicando alguno)?

The number of caregivers receiving training on psychological tools.
The number of children and young living on the centers where the project its implanted.
* Find attached a list of Don Bosco Centers in Cochin and Bangalore, where the project is implanted.
The number of professional and institutions getting involved on the programmes and international network.
The number of local and regional institutions in communication or involved with the project.
Impact of the project in the regional, national and international media.

¿Tu solución podría operar en otros conextos o regiones? Si así fuera, ¿en dónde?

The soul of the project is to create a know-how and an international network that can be replicated and scale to other regions of India. We seek government partnership in later stages to be able to scale it at a national level.

¿Cuál es tu impacto proyectado para los próximos 1-3 años?

As we have exposed, the impact over the next three years will consist in the global evaluation of a complete intervention of educational and training programmes and the production of a set of training resources that are ready to be spread and offered all over the country. We also want to communicate the experience to international organisms that may be interested in creating similar experiences in other countries. The potential of scaling -up and replication will correspond to the existing need of psychological help of a vast population of deprived children and young, living at the orphanages.

Explica detalladamente tu estrategia financiera actual

We started developing the idea of the training service and assistance required by Don Bosco from 2010. We wanted to understand the level of the need to be able to design what to offer. It has been a pilot stage where we approached our counterpart Don Bosco and celebrated different trainings and workshops to get to know the children and the young.

Up to date our financing strategy was based on covering the expenses (diets, flights, transport, shelter, material) This first stage has been supported by the Official Professional Bar of Catalonia (COPC) with a subvention that covered the expenses for 45% percent of our activities. The rest has been covered by CSR Alkimia Consulting and Don Bosco.

Our project offers a product of social impact and revenue. Nevertheless, we are in process of consolidating other ways of financing based on stable partnerships at different levels.

Reparto de la generación de ingresos del total de ingresos de la organización (en porcentaje)


Ventas directas a pacientes u otros beneficiarios (en porcentaje)
De las posibles fuentes de estas ventas, en la siguiente lista, marca todas las que correspondan a tu estrategia actual

Tarifas de licencia, por ej., por tecnología/ modelo de franquicia (en porcentaje)
Abajo, marca todas las que correspondan a tu estrategia actual

Contrato de servicio con organizaciones, por ej. gobierno, ONGs (en porcentaje)
De las posibles fuentes de contratos de servicios, en la siguiente lista, marca todas las que correspondan a tu estrategia actual

Explica tu estrategia de generación de ingresos más detalladamente

100 palabras o menos.

Reparto de la generación de ingresos del total de ingresos de la organización (en porcentaje)


Estrategias filantrópicas que estás utilizando

Estrategia diversificada.

Explica tu enfoque filantrópico con más detalle

We are convinced of the social benefit of the project, empowering children and young, as well as institutions in charge of their care and rehabilitation. We also know there is a collateral benefit for professionals on Mental Health from India and abroad. Our goal is to create a model that can be scaled at a national level, involving Government and other institutions (private and public, national and international)

This is why Alkimia Consulting CRS is leading this project and:
• Presented it to the Professional Bar of Psychologist in Catalonia getting its support.
• Organised a fund raising event called Dance & Help for India ( which will be replicated next May.

Amplia tu selección; explica cómo mantendrás el financiamiento dentro de los próximos 1 a 3 años.

From Alkimia Consulting CRS we are designing new ideas to involve agents and actors sponsoring our innovative idea of intervention.

We think in a cross-partnership strategy involving different sectors:

1. Universities in India and abroad.
2. Mental Health institutions and centers, Hospitals.
3. Indian Government.
4. Private companies operating at the Health sector.
5. Professional Bars in India and abroad.
6. Different sectors of private sector: tourism, education, IT, Publisher's.
7. etc.

While seeking consolidation in stable ways and strategies coming from new partners, we will keep our fund raising strategies like Dance and Help, crowdfunding and subventions or specific sponsors.

At this point we are planning to create a NGO to operate at this level and gather the international network.

Años de operación

Operando más de 5 años

¿Tu organización ha recibido premios y/u honores? Cuéntanos sobre ellos.

Pyschologist Bar of Catalonia (COPC)