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The project is titled the "Assessment of the Water Situation and the Safety of Waste water a
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Showers are great, but pouring hot and almost drinkable water down the drain is not.
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It is becoming more inconvenient to carry around 2- 3 device that all do, essential, the same thi
Sydney Padua's delight-filled comic is one of the best comics on computing and mathematics.
Education is a universal human right.
1. TO WATCH Fifty Shades of Grey FULL MOVIE
The initiative brings together a multidisciplinary and cross-cultural team of
Offering primary kids innovative sustained experiences in mathematics and science in afterschool
The Project explores the possibility of using virtual worlds to facilitate interaction between ge
Promoting and preserving the building skills and use of traditional dugout canoes (log-boats) of
Ecotourism Estonia - a network of small local operators offering natural and cultural experiences
Estonia: between green-living and Skype - Organic products: goal is to promote Estonian organic p
For economic progress, to increase volume of lending by enhancement of personal guarantees applyi